Seven Stars Train in Japan Features an $11,500 Luxury Suite

(Credit: Jiji Press/AFP/Getty Images)

For those wanting to enjoy the local Japan sites onboard a train and travel in ultimate luxury, then consider the new luxury suite from JR Kyushu.

JR Kyushu is a regional, Japanese railway and recently announced a deluxe passenger service that travels across the volcanic southern island of Kyushu. They have become first company in Japan to build a luxury sleeper cruise train.

Luxury comes with a cost, and 2 train tickets on the Seven Stars train can set you back as much as $11,500!

Seven Stars is a “cruise train” that consists of only seven cars. Traditional bullet trains that whisk passengers across Japan at extreme speeds have never been confused with luxury. But Seven Stars plans to change that label.

JR Kyushu states, “The ‘Seven Stars in Kyushu’ cruise train, combines traditional and modern styling in Japanese and Western designs to create a new dimension in elegance and grace.”

Deluxe Suite A can be found in the end car and definitely saves the best for last. Deluxe Suite A features a 226-square-foot room, offering stunning views from a 5-foot panoramic window with an unobstructed line of site from the back of the luxurious Seven Stars train.

The luxury Seven Stars train doesn’t just zoom from point A to point B, but stops by huge volcanoes and relaxing hot springs of Kirishima and Yufuin.

For an insider’s peak at Seven Stars train, take a look at the below video.

As you roll through the scenic Kyushu hills, you will pass Mt. Aso, which is one of the world’s largest volcanoes. The journey continues southern Japanese port city of Kagoshima. You will there be able to see another volcano – Sakurajima. The journey ends by making the round-trip back to where it all started in Hakata.

To relax and enjoy yourself in a more social setting, there is a bar in the lounge car, plus couches and rotating chairs for passengers to sit in while enjoying live musical performances.

Current suite pricing for two people will cost you $5,750 per person for a four-day, three-night journey. The demand has been so high that Deluxe Suite A is already sold out through June of 2014.

You thought the $11,500 price was steep, then get ready for this. Beginning for July journeys, the price shoots up to around $7,835 per person for double occupancy.

If you ready to travel the Japan countryside in luxury style and book a reservation on the Seven Stars Train, then please contact The Life of Luxury and speak to one of our travel concierge specialists.