Red Top Line of Superior Quality Small Poppers by Cretors

Cretors Red Top Line
Cretors Red Top Line

Who doesn’t like the great taste of popcorn? If you are looking for that authentic experience of having movie theater popcorn in your own home, we wanted to introduce you to Cretors’ Red Top line of superior quality small poppers.

C. Cretors and Company, the leading designer and manufacturer of food processing and concession equipment for over 126 years, now offers a line of small (six ounce) concession poppers designed for home use.

Cretors is the only choice for truly authentic poppers as this well respected company was the inventor of the first patented popcorn machine.

Each popper is customizable and handcrafted in the United States, in addition to being individually tested, and UL safety approved.

These wonderful looking small poppers are truly authentic and will surely add both style and luxury to any home theater, family room, den or kitchen.

The new small poppers from Red Top are available in a variety of styles, from sleek to antique, which makes the poppers ideal for any residence, whether its décor is modern or traditional.

The color options for you rpopper is endless. Choose from school colors, to sports team colors, to colors matching any room’s scheme.

Each Red Top small popping machine provides 120 one-ounce servings per hour and comes equipped with corrosion-resistant stainless steel or nickel plated all-steel kettles.

The Goldrush Popper is designed like traditional movie theater poppers, with a stainless steel frame and bright red top with yellow “Popcorn” sign, while the Nite Club Popper’s stainless steel body, black top, and grey tinted glass with etched popcorn sign is sleek and sophisticated.

Conversely, the Antique Goldrush’s red frame and gold scroll top are reminiscent of Cretors’ first machines built right here in the USA over a century ago. Furthermore, custom painting allows customers to design a popcorn machine in their choice of colors.

A range of additional options are available, including the patented, single-push “One-Pop” button that heats the kettle, pops the corn and shuts off after one popping cycle. This feature eliminates the potential for overheating and makes Cretors’ poppers the safest on the market.

Other options include stainless steel kettles and tops, a salt/sweet switch, and a one-pop option with counter for recording the number of popping cycles.

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