Pale Cloud: Girls High Fashion Brand is Closing Business

Pale Cloud has been creating high fashion clothing for girls since its beginning in 2010. Sadly, the company just announced it is ceasing operations. Their current Autumn Winter 2015 clothing line will be the last one available.

Pale Cloud has been a highly, respected clothing brand that uses only the most luxurious materials. Their attention to details and high level of quality have earned them numerous accolades in the children’s fashion industry.

The co-founder and Creative Director of Pale Cloud is Marion Reynolds. She has won many design awards and received critical acclaim. The brand has been worn by a long list of both celebrities and royals around the world.

Pale Cloud was first introduced at Pitti Bimbo in Italy. A young girl model, since named “Angry Stella” wore a stunning Dalia Dress. The gorgeous girl’s dress included hundreds of hand sewn silk clouds.

The primary reason given by the company is that the cost to produce its high quality garments has prevented it from obtaining a higher level of growth. Although consumers love their products, the high street prices has been an issue in generating higher sales growth.

For years, you could find their girls clothes in most prestigious department stores and on the covers of the top fashion magazines. Sadly, all this will come to and end very soon.

Pale Cloud - fashion - P Diddy

In a press release, Pale Cloud thanked all the wonderful and very supportive customer and acquaintances over the last five years of being in business. They have gained many long lasting personal friends and business associates, who have contributed to their success.

As of this publication, there is no work what the Our founders, Marion and Ian Reynolds will be doing in the future, but we all look forward to seeing them soon make a contribution to the world of high fashion.

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Photos: Pale Cloud