Museum Pocket Watch by Jaquet Droz

It’s time to enjoy the Age of Enlightenment and fine skills of watchmaking, with the new Museum Pocket Watch from Jaquet Droz.

Luxury watch brand Jaquet Droz has created a pocket watch that bears the distinguished signature “Jaquet Droz.” The pocket watch was based on an original 18th century movement that dates back to the rich tradition of the fine watchmaking expertise.

Museum Pocket Watch features an antique movement with crown wheel, or verge, escapement. It was found in a private home and provided to Jaquet Droz workshops and included in this stunning and classic timepiece. The historic escapement originated in the 13th century and dominated watch movement until the mid-19th century.

The pivot holes were carefully re-bushed and the pivots re-polished. The result allows the original gilt finish on the plate and bridges to be preserved.

The case of the Museum Pocket Watch is made of 18-carat gold and was the standard of watchmakers during that era. The watch case is adorned with pearls and rubies utilizing jewelry-making techniques that were favored during the 18th century.

The watch dial is beautifully hand-painted and finished using a compass. The dial’s two hands feature feminine looking curves. The hands are carefully hand-crafted from polished, flame-blued steel. They also include a gorgeous fleur-de-lys motif.

Museum Pocket Watch by Jaquet Droz is another ingenious creation and will proudly be housed in the Jaquet Droz Museum.

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