Murano, Italy – Luxury Glass Jewelry

Murano Italy - Glass jewelry ring

Jewelry is an incredibly subtle accent for any ensemble. What you choose to wear and how dramatically effect the way you see yourself and the way that others see you. A special piece of jewelry can either make or break your outfit. It can add the precise accent you need to compliment your attire. Your jewelry is timeless.

The timelessness of jewelry perfectly defines the very character of Murano glass jewelry. Its color, detail, designs and uniqueness surpasses the dictation of fashion trends. In a list where diamonds, emerald, and gold is included; there surely is a fine Murano glass jewelry to complete the list with.

Murano glass is more popularly known for its high-end glassware, which never fails to leave an impression of fine artistry and craftsmanship.

Murano glass was originally used to make chandeliers, wine goblets, which is why jewelries made from such material is not yet popular. However, it gives the sparkle and luminosity that it gives to exquisite glassware to its glass jewelries.

Very few people are familiar with Murano glass jewelry. All these people are drawn to its sophistication and uniquely beautiful colors and design. Hence, every piece of such jewelry will surely make a fine addition to any jewelry or accessory collection.

Murano glass is actually made using raw materials such as flux or melting agents, sodium oxide, sodium, nitrate and arsenic. It is blown at low temperatures, using the flux and other melting agents. The sodium oxide content of the glass mixture then determines how fast or how slow the glass solidifies; the more sodium oxide content the slower the glass solidifies. In the creation of the glass, nitrate and arsenic may be added to the glass mixture to make the glass surface opaque and to eliminate bubbles.

Coloring and opacifying substances are commonly used particularly in materials used for making special pieces of Murano glass jewelry such as beads and pendants. Also, the glass is specifically hand made and blown by an artisan. That explains for its uniqueness and high regards for craftsmanship. Add up the details such as enamel painting, engraving and submersion that artisans bring to every piece of jewelry and a beautiful piece of jewelry comes to life.

The colors, technique of creation and design of each piece of this jewelry created from Murano glass redefines what delicate and exquisite in jewelry is. It simply recreates the awe-effect that diamonds normally posses. On the other hand, simpler yet chic designs of Murano glass necklaces, rings and bracelets also goes well with everyday wear. Hence, the look of these glass jewelries brings style versatility and wearability under its fine list of features.

Murano glass jewelry is slowly reaching its pinnacle of production. So many designers and celebrities have grown fond to the distinct, exclusive, bracelets, pendants, rings and necklaces. See for yourself, and add a touch of elegance to your life with a noteworthy piece of Murano glass jewelry.

Author: Patty J. Matherson is a jewelry lover with an expertise in Venetian Glass Jewelry. If you would like to see a bold collection of Murano Glass Necklaces she invites you to visit Hilary Londons site.