Matthew McConaughey – Surfer Dude

Matthew McConaughey Surfer Dude

It’s a first for Matthew McConaughey and good news for his adoring fans. In Surfer Dude, he’s shirtless for the entire film.

McConaughey’s role in the movie — a comedy about a champion of the long board who resists selling out to corporate America — wasn’t a difficult one for the laid-back actor to play.

Matthew McConaughey, who is often photographed on the beach, seemed to enjoy playing a soul-searching surfer. And it’s only a matter of time before his newborn son follows in his bare-footed steps.

Q: Congratulations on your three-and-half month old son Levi. Have you taken him surfing yet?

A: Not yet but he’ll be getting salty soon. Levi travels with his mom [model Carmen Alves] and me already. I want to get him out into the world. He’s outdoors as much as he is indoors. That’s how I was raised in the country. I like the city but I also want some space. And my boy is going to be out in the middle of it.  Full Interview