Mallorca – An Ideal Luxury Destination

St Regis, Mardavall hotel
St Regis, Mardavall

Mallorca’s timeless beauty is visible across the landscape, from the secret coastal coves and turquoise waters to the fairytale villages of the interior.

The island possesses stunning natural beauty along with a surprisingly vibrant and inspiring culture; a colorful yet modest hideaway perfect for a weekend retreat. Teamed with the luxury resorts and services offered there, stunning scenery and professional pampering lie in easy distance of each other.

Finding the perfect place to wind down in Mallorca, Spain is of optimum importance. Luxury hotels in Mallorca like the St Regis, Mardavall offer a multitude of services and spa therapies within the resort, so you won’t have to worry about travel or planning on a short break. A wide range of opportunities and services are available, eliminating any planning stress or time wasting.

The Arabella Spa is a sanctuary of natural medicines and holistic therapies, drawing upon a rich variety of traditions and bringing together specialists from around the globe. Facilities like a spa and pool provide the perfect setting to relax at the beginning of a weekend break.

Mallorca’s stunning coast is a wonderful place to recline and refresh; a succession of curves and bays with an abundance of sandy coves and shallow emerald waters for swimming. The extent of the island’s coastline makes the beach easily accessible, with secluded, sandy spots to discover away from the popular stretches.

The range of dining possibilities will leave you suitably spoiled on a weekend break without being overwhelmed. Restaurants cover a host of cuisines from light snacks and tapas to a la carte and gourmet. Many local dishes are available, including freshly caught seafood and mouth-watering paella.

Fine wines from local grapes are served in the restaurants, the Balearics having been a major wine producer in classical times. Beautifully bodied Spanish favorites such as Rioja are also widely available.

If you would prefer to take in something of the Mallorcan culture and lifestyle then Spanish lessons are a fun way to immerse yourself. Qualified locals lead sessions, giving visitors the opportunity to pick up phrases to use when out and about. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what can be learned in a couple of hour-long sessions, and the rich beautiful language adds to the rolling, sensual landscape which surrounds you.

There are plenty of opportunities for interesting day trips if you are thirsty for culture and adventure rather than relaxation. Beautifully picturesque villages dot the mountainous landscape, with prehistoric ruins and iconic monasteries hidden in the interior.

There are also a number of hiking trails revealing stunning scenery and ranging from easy strolls to serious work-outs. Mallorca is home to some of the Mediterranean’s most magnificent mountain scenery.

A day hike will also allow you a look at village life which retains the customs and traditions of generations past; a real glimpse into the timeless elegance of Mallorca.