Luxurious Maximillian Chair Now Available for $25,000

Armen Sevada is a successful industrial designer who is the founder and primary designer of Lounge 22, a furniture design and fabrication company in Los Angeles. Sevada is also the founder and CEO of Ethos Design – a production company involved in global exhibits and events.

Armen Sevada has spent the last seven years designing and creating the Maximillian Chair. The luxury chair was inspired by the birth of Sevada’s second son, Maximillian. Sevada was quoted, “No designer achieves perfection in their lifetime but the unwavering pursuit and effort is my gift to my son.”

The Maximillian Chair is made from 100% polished mirror-finish stainless steel and is now available in range of luxury fabrics to truly enhance the chair’s stunning beauty and elegance.

This undertaking was no small task. The Maximillian Chair took careful design and tireless effort to perfect the fabrication processes. The result is simply gorgeous and showcases Sevada’s true dedication and high-end craftsmanship.

The chair constructed of hand-polished aircraft-grade stainless steel, so it not only offers elegant beauty but is extremely durable. It will not rust or tarnish so makes it perfect for use in a yacht or your million dollar waterfront estate.

The Maximillian Chair is available in a limited quantity of only 100 chairs. Each luxury chair comes with a numbered plaque and certificate of authenticity. The chair is Handcrafted meticulously by expert artisans in Los Angeles.

The Maximillian Chair is now available and priced at $25,000.

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