Live a Life of Luxury and Enjoy a Red Carpet VIP Experience

Have you ever dreamed of attending an award show? We all watch these lavish, red carpet award shows on TV. It’s a sold out event, filled with the most popular celebrities. As a result, now you can personally enjoy a VIP experience yourself.

As the celebrities roll up in a luxury limo, the excitement is just ready to begin. The stroll down the red carpet and pose for the gallery of photographers. Fans line up to catch a glimpse of their favorite. What if that can be you? The Life of Luxury can offer you a VIP experience from other 50,000 events around the world.

We have access to red carpet award shows, fashion shows, concerts, sporting events, private parties, movie premiers, celebrity “meet & greets” and much more. Don’t you deserve a VIP experience? Well now it’s the time to make your dream a reality.

Here is a list of luxury events to consider. You can choose the ideal VIP experience over the next few months:

June 10th: 2018 Tony Awards (New York)

June 12th: Jurassic World Premiere (Los Angeles)

June 16th: MTV Movie and TV Awards (Los Angeles)

June 25th: NBA Awards (Los Angeles)

June 25th: Antman and the Wasp Premiere (Los Angeles)

June 26th: Sicario: Day of Soldado Premiere (Los Angeles)

June 26th: Uncle Drew Premiere (New York)

July 10th: Skyscraper Premiere (Los Angeles)

July 18th: ESPY Awards (Los Angeles)

July 19th – 22nd: Comic-Con (San Diego)

July 25th: The Spy Who Dumped Me Premiere (Los Angeles)

July 25th: Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala (St. Tropez)

August 12th: Teen Choice Awards (Los Angeles)

September 17th: Primetime Emmy Awards (Los Angeles)

October 9th: American Music Awards (Los Angeles)

November 8th: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (New York)

November 15th: Latin Grammy Awards (Las Vegas)

April 12th-14th, 19th-21st 2019: Coachella Music Festival (Indio)

We also have access to unique, luxury travel experiences. Dont follow the rest of the crowd. Be a trail blazer and see all that is possible. Let us know what your dream vacation is and our travel concierge specialists can assist.

Are you finally ready for a VIP experience? Contact us today for the best availability. Please come back soon and check out our luxury blog for the best life has to offer.