Hotel Del Coronado, An Eerie Ghost Tale

As Halloween nears, discussions of ghost tales and hauntings begin to peak. San Diego’s famous hotel – Hotel Del Coronado – has long had reports of a resident ghost.

Back in 1885, a man named E. B. Babcock had a dream to build the grandest hotel in the west. He did – the luxury Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, California.

The 399 room hotel cost over $1 million. The Hotel Del Coronado opened in 1891 and was visited by President Harrison. But this gorgeous hotel overlooking the bay of San Diego has a haunted past as well.

A young women, Kate Morgan, was found dead on the steps leading towards the beach. It was ruled a suicide, but the haunted stories soon surfaced around the room she stayed in.

Learn more about past hauntings at San Diego’s Hotel Del Coronado, by a first-hand account.

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