Halulu Heiau – Kaunolu on Lanai, Hawaii

Halulu Heiau is located next to the ancient seaside village of Kaunolu on the Hawaiian island of Lanai.

Halulu Heiau is well-preserved heiau and the site is simply full of beauty. It was once a very sacred refuge and traditional meeting place for Hawaiians back in ancient times.

Leaving inland from the eastern bank of Kaunolu, you will find Halulu Heiau across a wide gulch. Looking around, you’ll notice being surrounded by towering cliffs on three sides and view one of the most amazing sights in Kaunolu.

History states the after King Kamehameha the Great captured Lanai in the early 1800′s, he used the village of Kaunolu as his personal favorite vacation spot. The location offered him excellent fishing opportunities.

King Kamehameha rebuilt the old heiau that was once found on this site and declared it a luakini heiau or place of refuge.

Halulu Heiau was one of the last heiaus built on Lanai, because the old god were replaced several decades later when missionaries arrived on the island.

Overall, Halulu Heiau is in very good condition. The Bishop Museum built an interpretive hike through the Kaunolu Village and points out the heiau which is difficult to reach but can easily be viewed on the far side of the gulch.

Remember that Halulu Heiau is an ancient, religious site. Please be respectful of this ancient Hawaiian site.

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