Experience Fascinating Florence, Italy

Florence Duomo Tower

Experience Fascinating Florence, Italy.

The fascinating city of Florence is one of the most popular cities in all of Italy. Florence offers a wide variety of attractions for tourists of all ages.

Florence is truly a Renaissance city in the heart of the Tuscany region. It includes many of Italy’s best museums, spectacular churches and cathedrals, as well as intriguing streets and squares with elegant buildings and quaint shops.

There is almost no time of year one cannot find events somewhere in Florence Italy. There are parades, parties, festivals, exhibits, and fun almost every week. Many of the city’s events last for several months. People can enjoy the festive environment and sincere love of the Italian people for a fun and entertaining time.

The year starts off with fireworks, parades, and parties with the New Year’s Eve celebrations which take place throughout Florence. This party and several fashion shows are held throughout the month of January. This time creates an exciting place for visitor to enjoy the excitement of fashion and the great food that Florence offers.

February brings Italy’s largest carnival which lasts throughout the month. This carnival includes street festivals, dancing, street acrobats, and festivities throughout the city. A person can spend time in the plaza with the actors and performers and talk about the history and tradition of the carnival in Italy.

The month of April is another that will take a visitor on an adventure in both the culture and love of life shared by the Italian people. One begins the month with the Scoppio del Carro (Explosion of the Cart). This parade and party begins on Easter Sunday and includes a huge fireworks display on a cart that is set ablaze by a dove that comes from the cathedral on a wire.

In May, the Festa del Grillo/Cricket Festival is held and crickets in woven cages are released by their owners for good luck. This festival includes parades, food, wine, and dancing. Through the rest of May and early June the Maggio Musicale is held celebrating the city’s major arts festival. This event in Florence Italy include concerts, dancing, outdoor theatre, and ballet performances.

Also in June one can participate in the Calcio in Costume/Football in Costume which is held in the Piazza di Santa Croce. There are parades, parties, food, wine, and a game that combines football and rugby is played by regional champions. The Estate Fiesolana/Fiesole Summer held right after this festival celebrates music, arts, drama, dance and film.

Through the months of June to December there are regular parades, parties, festivals, dancing, and exhibits. The Festival Puccianiano performs the composer’s operas in an open air theater by the lake near his home through the early winter.

The Giostra del Saraceno is a huge event that starts with a parade through Florence with participants in costumes. It ends with a party in the Piazza Grande. This medieval-style joust is something that one shouldn’t miss.

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