Enjoy Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine at Roy’s Restaurant

Roy's Restaurant

Master chef Roy Yamaguch serves his amazing Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine at Roy’s Restaurant in Honolulu.

Roy takes great pride in his work and always wants to instill the true aloha spirit in his fine restaurant by offering the best food, service and Hawaiian hospitality.

Chef Roy Yamaguchi opened his very first Roy’s Restaurant in Honolulu in 1988. Roy’s also a proud winner of the James Beard Award, Hawaii’s first-ever.

Roy’s is well known as the Hawaii Kai mecca for the best in Pacific Rim Cuisine. The restaurant has always been a favorite for locals but its popularity meant many visitors can enjoy the complete dining experience.

Roy’s specialty is fine seafood with fresh catch from around the local Hawaiian Islands, including: Ono, Onaga, Opakapaka, shellfish, sushi, as well as hand-cut meats.

Roy’s uses only the freshest local ingredients and mixes them with bold Asian spices and European sauces,with a focus on seafood.

The resulting textures, colors, and tastes leaves his restaurant guests with the complete satisfaction they have enjoyed a truly special meal.

Setting’s upscale casual, and while the star attraction’s a superlative menu, live music and fabulous sushi also rock the stage.

Patrons can enjoy an award-winning wine list that ensures a good pairing to enhance the unique culinary experience.

From the original opening over 20 years ago, Roy’s Restaurant has expanded to over thirty restaurants around the world.

Roy’s Restaurant
Waikiki Beach Walk
226 Lewers St.
Honolulu, HI 96815