eMatrix: A Safe, Painless Choice For a Surgical Facelift

Face Lift

They may be one of the most common procedures performed in the UK, but patients often shy away from having the common facelift surgeries because of the pain and long recovery period involved. With a new aggressive skin treatment known as eMatrix, however, patients can reap the benefits without the recovery period or physical pain.

Patients they can come in on a lunch hour, receive their eMatrix treatment, and go back to work. They get similar results and there’s no hiding while they recover. It has definitely made a ‘facelift’ an option for a large number of people who were hesitant about the surgery.

eMatrix uses fractional bipolar radio frequency waves to aggressively target and tighten the skin without burning or otherwise damaging the outer layers of the skin. Once this energy makes contact with the soft tissue, it activates collagen-producing cells under the skin. And because these waves penetrate far deeper than other lasers, they don’t lose energy on the skin’s surface.  This means it delivers more energy directly to the right cells.

The skin can then produce the maximum amount of collagen to fill out the skin and reduce wrinkles quickly. Patients also find the texture and elasticity of their skin improves leaving skin healthy and youthful in appearance.

While surgical facelifts generally only require one treatment, they carry a large number of risks and have an extensive recovery period, which often forces patients to hide away while they’re waiting to heal.

eMatrix requires an average of three treatments, four to six weeks apart, to produce the desired results. However, these results are almost instant and they continue to appear up to a full year after the last treatment. Patients can then enjoy the results for their duration, or undergo maintenance treatments to prolong the results.

Unlike facelifts and other similar procedures, eMatrix currently has no side effects and no recovery time. Some patients do mention a warm pins-and-needless sensation during treatment and may notice their skin takes on a pink color similar to a sunburn.

But, by applying a simple topical anaesthetic, these effects can be treated or eliminated. Patients with specific skin conditions can’t have an eMatrix treatment, but all other skin types can undergo treatment.

Written By: Michael Brains of www.cosmeticsurgeryguru.com