Don’t Have to Be Rich to Fly in a Private Jet – Just Ask JetSuite


Think you can’t fly private if you make less than $250k a year?  YES, you can!

Many people have the misconception that private jet travel is only for the rich and famous.  Private jet traveler often does become a benchmark for the wealthy, the it’s not always that black and white.

Alex Wilcox is both the Founder and CEO of JetSuite, the nation’s fastest growing private jet company. Mr Wilcox has a goal of clearing up the misconceptions about flying private for those not well-versed in ‘Jetonomics’.

Thanks to the unique pricing model and fleet of fuel-efficient jets, JetSuite affords consumers from all backgrounds and tax brackets the luxury of flying private.

JetSuite offers service on its 4-passenger Phenom 100 jets for as little as $999 one-way, and even as low as $499 for the entire plane through its SuiteDeal of the Day Facebook program.

JetSuite  is the first company to charter Phenom 100s in the western U.S and has often been called the “Southwest Airlines” of private jet charter travel.

JetSuite – Phenom 100 Jet

JetSuite’s fleet of Embraer Phenom 100 jets are the best, most fuel-efficient aircraft in their class with speeds up to 450 miles per hour, an operating altitude of up to 41,000 ft, a glamorous interior cabin designed by BMW and the largest baggage compartment in its category.

Perhaps most importantly, JetSuite’s highest price point is at least 25% LESS than its competitors’ absolute lowest price.

Alex Wilcox states, “At JetSuite, our goal has been and always will be to provide private jet travel at a price that is accessible and affordable to both current and future users of private aviation. We take pride in our unbeatable rates that make sense for people who value their money as much as their time.”

Through its vision of making private jets more accessible, JetSuite has created 70 new jobs in its short 2 year history and is on track to double that number in the next 12 months.

Hundreds if not thousands more jobs rely on the continued manufacture of JetSuite’s jets. Far more than 60% of the value of those is created in the United States. Aviation is one of the remaining industries that the US continues to dominate.