Discover the Legend and History of Luther Country in Germany

Located in central Germany, Luther Country is a popular travel destination that’s dedicated to Martin Luther. Luther is considered the Father of Protestant Reformation. Luther Country is an incredible area that includes beautiful landscapes, amazing cultural events, timeless art and mouth-watering cuisine.

A visit to Germany’s Luther Country allows tourists the chance to literally walk in Martin Luther’s footsteps.

The Luther Trail or “Lutherweg” in German – is a wonderful scenic route in Germany. It’s a blend of nature, culture and a great overview of Martin Luther and the history of Reformation.

The region of Luther Country is packed with fascianting churches, quaint villages and museums across Thuringia, and Saxony-Anhalt. The area is a top pilgrimage destination for Protestants – particularly Lutherans.

About 1,000 miles of the Luther Trail can be found within Luther Country, starting in the city of Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Be sure to pay a visit to the former Augustinian Monastery. This location is where Martin Luther actually lived as a monk. Continue on through the cities of Lutherstadt Eisleben, Dessau-Ro├člau, Halle (Saale), Mansfeld-Lutherstadt and Erfurt. During each stop, take in the rich history and learn interesting facts about the Reformation.

Luther Country, Germany - Monastery garden at the monastery in Jerichow in the Altmark
Photo: Frank Boxler, IMG Sachsen-Anhalt

You can actually see both the Martin Luther Birth House and Martin Luther Death House in the city of Eisleben. Observe various artifacts in Luther’s birth house, which actually became a museum way back in 1693. There is a Martin Luther antique portrait on display, as well as pieces of art and books from his childhood years.

The Martin Luther Death House had got through a renovation in early 2013 and reopened. Inside you will find a museum comprised of rooms that were important to his death. Right after Luther’s death, a plaster cast made of both his face and hands. You can see the death mark on display. Also available for viewing is the original cloth that was draped over Martin Luther’s coffin.

For example, the city of Erfurt in Luther Country created a route titled the “Luther Mile.” It guides hikers through Erfurt to view various museums, churches and buildings that have a historical significance.

If you have made plans to visit Germany this holiday season, then be sure to visit the popular region and experience a traditional Christmas similar to how it was celebrated 500 years ago. In Erfurt, enjoy a wonderful journey back in time when what was important included handmade crafts, traditional food and drinks, plus a variety of live music and entertainment. The famous Erfurt Christmas Market is a fabulous, cultural experience that should not be missed. The Christmas event is the biggest Christmas market held in Southern Luther Country. Highlights for visitors, both young and old are a giant Ferris wheel and a large pyramid.

Another significant stop is the mighty Wartburg Castle. Luther actually stayed her and is the location he translated the New Testament into German.

Another popular pilgrimage excursion is via the Way of St. James. It’s a collection of old pilgrimage routes that cuts right through Luther Country. On your journey, you’ll pass through additional Reformation cities, such as Lutherstadt Eisleben and Magdeburg.

For music lovers, uncover this region and discover the rich history of musical heritage. Just a few of famous musical composers from Luther Country include Richard Wagner, George Frederic Handel, and of course Johann Sebastian Bach,.

A visit to Lutheran Country is a memorable experience, especially for those who want to learn more about Martin Luther – leader of the Protestant Reformation. We can help you plan your luxury travel itinerary to Germany and include the most historically important destinations. Read more stories like this by following our luxury blog.

Photo: Visit Luther