Diamonds: They Are Now A Man’s Best Friend

Men's Diamond

Diamonds have long been a status symbol of luxury. Is it true that there are diamond jewelry pendants for men? Do men love diamonds as much as women? For women there is a plethora of options.

Diamonds come in drops, hearts, and flower shapes. Then there is birds and geometric shapes as well, and that is just the beginning. But do men have all of these options?

Men should have the same options as women for designer diamond jewelry. Some of the most popular shapes for men are crosses, nuggets, and coins. However, there should definitely be some unique opportunities for men and designer jewelry as well.

Perhaps the best option is custom design. This allows the man to be as simple or as intricate about the design of his diamond pendant as he wants to be. His imagination and his ability to explain his design to the jeweler are the only limitations. Some designs that have been done are bezel settings and infinity symbols.

Trendy symbols can also be taken into consideration and altered to make them more personal and then into a custom piece of jewelry. Geometric shapes are popular as well as using more manly materials like stone. The options are truly endless. The custom jewelry created by men are an excellent way for them to display their style and be involved in the process as well.

There are always going to be some men who think that diamonds are too flashy or that designer jewelry is purely a feminine experience. However, diamonds do not always have to be their usual color. Diamonds are available in black, brown, and many other colors that may suit the more manly man better.

They are still the same as typical diamonds in their strength and durability and therefore remain a more masculine choice. Men can enjoy diamonds too without feeling like they are treading in thin ice with their manhood.

Designer diamond jewelry that is customized for men is an excellent way for men to enjoy diamonds as well. With the colors and shapes that are available, it is a great opportunity for men to display their style and personality as well. Sometimes trends dictate what is appropriate for men, but truth is, men can definitely make their own standards but also settings that are operational.

Men should visit a designer shop in their own cities so that they can start to make their creation today.

Jewelry is a great expression of personality and women should not be the only ones allowed to express themselves in this manner. However, it is important to also look at current trends so that it is not over done. This is of course a rule that women should follow as well.