Custom Guitars by Rock Royalty – $125,000 Gibson Les Paul Guitar

Rock Royalty custom guitars
Rock Royalty

Located in “Music City” Nashville Tennessee, Rock Royalty is a luxury design house that manufactures one-of-a-kind, custom guitars designed for the most discriminating musicians, guitar collectors, and jewelry aficionados that can be played on-stage or displayed as fine art.

Rock Royalty constantly pushes the envelop of extreme guitar design. Whether they offer their own custom guitar designs or cater to guitar aficionados by customizing their own instruments, Rock Royalty is far ahead of the pack.

Rock Royalty announced a new guitar collection that includes nine prototype custom guitars. These incredible custom electric solid body guitars focus on jewel-encrusted hardware and accessories that use only the finest gemstones, precious metals, and exotic materials.

Rock Royalty is well respected in the guitar industry and combines both optimal musical performance along with fine aesthetic beauty.

The custom guitar collection from Rock Royalty features hardware and accessories that are all manufactured in 18kt gold and / or sterling silver, and then set with natural fancy color diamonds, colorless gem diamonds, and vibrant color gemstones.

Now you can own your own custom made Gibson Les Paul guitar. For a retail price of $125,000 USD, purchase a unique Gibson Les Paul guitar that features a staggering 50cts of luxurious black and white diamonds.

Rock Royalty is proud to also introduce its patent-pending KAGED Guitar Collection. These amazing custom guitars are a must for any music fan.

The KAGED Guitar Collection features guitars that are custom wrapped in exotic animal skins (i.e. alligator, sting ray). The custom guitars are framed in a stylish, high-polish stainless steel cage.

In addition, all KAGED Guitars contain Rock Royalty’s jewel-encrusted hardware and accessories that compliment the guitar’s exotic wrap motif.

If you are looking for a luxury gift for a musician who has everything, then consider the Kaged Guitars that make great performance instruments along with offering a bold and unique look.

To obtain additional information on any of Rock Royalty’s one-of-a-kind custom guitars or their KAGED Collection, please call (615) 669-7776. or visit