Esteemed Linens Stylist & Design Consultant Liz Barbatelli Debuts New Consultancy, Bringing Unrivaled Expertise and Vision to Homes, Hotels and Brands

Globally sought-after fine linens stylist and designer Liz Barbatelli has today launched LIZ BARBATELLI, her new design consultancy offering clients the opportunity to engage her expert creative direction on behalf of their brands and projects.

Barbatelli will continue to directly work with her esteemed clientele of interior designers, homeowners, and yacht and aircraft purveyors. As a result, she will provide an expansive capability of consulting services while sourcing from, but not limited to, her bespoke E. Braun & Co. marque. Plus, she will continue to offer limited edition product lines and accessories from her many manufacturing partners and exclusive artisan workrooms to further style their interiors.

She has expanded her business to consult with manufacturers, distributors, and international clientele. All can engage her sophisticated and artful eye on behalf of their brands in many different ways. By pulling from her vast background of working with established designer brands such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, Barbatelli will work directly with a manufacturer’s design team. Therefore, they can develop and curate entire product collections prior to going into production.

Barbatelli will expand upon her collaborations with Interior Designers, a community with whom she has collaborated and consulted throughout her career. In this role, she will provide custom style and design consulting for estates, homes, and boutique hotels, sourcing from the finest in luxury bed, bath and table designs from E. Braun & Co., as well as other select brands and collections – www.barbatelli.com

No matter what your design needs are, Liz Barbatelli should be your only choice for expert and professional consultancy.

Lungolinea: A Luxury Ping Pong Table by IMPATIA

IMPATIA is a luxury design company based in Milan, Italy. They specialize in producing bespoke, luxury gaming tables. Each is completely artisan and made in Italy. Therefore we’d like to share the Lungolinea: a luxury Ping Pong table.

All of their gaming tables come with unique features. As a result, each one makes them the ideal addition to exclusive and visionary design projects. Stunning and elegant, their products are purely luxurious.

IMPATIA has a premium luxury client base. The luxury brand focuses its efforts on creating contemporary design pieces that go beyond gaming. The Lungolinea Ping Pong table is a perfect example of their philosophy.

“Lungolinea is a vision, a desire to ambitiously reinterpret the classics: unchanged for centuries, the Ping-Pong table relishes new life and discovers a new essence made of pure crystal and infinite light,” Impatia says. “Lungolinea is a refined object, a sublime witness of the advanced Italy technology, that poses no limits to the game.”

The Lungolinea Ping Pong table demonstrates the sophistication and ingenuity of Italian design. The company brings top craftsmanship to the game of Ping Pong. In addition, this gorgeous product is the ultimate blend of art, decor and sports equipment.

The table’s crystal glass surface and transparency convey a visual beauty like no other. Plus your friends and family will become envious of this amazing looking, ping pong table.

Their pieces are artisan made in Italy. They are truly one of a kind and can be integrated into a variety of spaces. In other words, tt will easily become the central focus in your home.

Don’t be hesitant by its luxurious looks. However the ping pong table is fully functional. In addition, the set includes four paddles, a net and a ball. Above all, from beginner to professional players, this table is perfect for all to enjoy.

By utilizing technical material and technology, LUNGOLINEA truly represents high quality Italian design. Plus the craftsmanship is incredible. The end result is simply a masterpiece.

To learn more or move forward with a purchase, please contact The Life of Luxury today.

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Luxurious Handcrafted Whisky Cabinet by Whisky Vault

Do you know a whisky lover who enjoys the best life has to offer? Maybe a handcrafted Whisky Cabinet is the perfect holiday gift for that good friend or special person in your life.

Whisky is a spirit that does not discriminate. Enjoyed by both men and women, whisky is the perfect choice. Its allure is the warmth and comforting embrace that it delivers.

As the popularity of whisky continues to grow, so do the number of gift options. From an elements set to glass sets to whisky stones, the choices are endless. But consider a practical gift that is just as much a piece of fine decor, as it is a practical whisky cabinet.

Offered by Whisky Vault, their handcrafted whisky cabinets are incredible. Each one is handcrafted and unique. Often furniture is mass produced and the end result is sub-par quality. Not in this case. It is perfection from top to bottom, inside and out.

First of all, the luxury safe features a bulletproof window. You’ve made an important in your whisky collection. Why not invest in a whisky cabinet that will not only protect, but is also visually stunning.

Whisky Vault - teak whisky cabinet

Here’s a list of some of the key product features:
* Solid handcrafted teak cabinet
* Vault door with locking bolts
* Steel plate construction
* Machined aluminum tri-spoke handle
* Individually numbered / limited edition / custom built
* UL certified La Gard electronic lock system

Below are the cabinet’s specifications:
Vault: 77 cm x 40 cm x 62 cm (H) / holds 21 bottles.
Cabinet: 77 cm x 40 cm x 64 cm (H) / holds 21 bottles.
Weight 140 kg / 308 pounds.

The whisky cabinet by Whisky Vault is perfect for either your Game Room or Man Cave. It is definitely a conversation piece and will be enjoyed for many years to come. The ultimate whisky protection for the serious collector.

Whisky Vault is scheduled for a global launch this December. Anticipation has been steadily growing. The new whisky vault will be available on the Indiegogo website. The starting price is $6,000 (US), but 50 units will be available at an incredible 51% discount.

Todd Lawrence is the owner of Whisky Vault. He is originally from Los Angeles, but has been happily living in Taiwan for the past 23 years. While working in the manufacturing industry, Todd decided to design and develop a Whisky Vault for his own office. He then began making them for his friends.

The word continued to spread and he quickly noticed how popular they were among whisky collectors. There was a strong desire for people to offer a secure place to showcase their collection without having to worry about bottles going missing or accidentally being opened by drunk friends. That is how Whisky Vault came to be.

In the feature image, the fire dragon is a gorgeous, hand airbrushed panel inside the vault door. This is custom feature offered to buyers. In addition, each panel is done one by one and personally signed by the artist.

The whisky cabinet makes the perfect gift for any whisky lover. Please return agin to follow our popular luxury blog. Read about the latest products and industry news.

Photo: Whisky Vault

Luxury “The Churchill” Wooden Chest from Whittle & Wallis

Whittle & Wallis is a maker of fine wooden furniture products. The British company has long produced innovative products, including the announcement of their new “The Churchill” wooden chest.

Whittle & Wallis designs and manufactures all their luxury wood products in England. Their designs are practical and each piece is beautiful. Whether you are redecorating an existing home or moving into a new one, Whittle & Wallis will definitely improve the look of your decor.

The look of a home is an extension of our own personality. You want furniture pieces that accent and also accentuate your decor. Picking the right luxury product can be time consuming, but oh so worth it.

The Churchill wooden chest is the ultimate home accessory. “There are wooden chests and there are wooden chests. This is the latter.” Well said.

The Churchill wooden chest

This innovative product was well designed and professionally made. The wood chest is carefully handcrafted from the finest English oak. The look is simply stunning. Ths luxurious wooden chest is full of features and pleasant surprises.

Below is a brief summary of the feature of the new “The Churchill” wooden chest.
• Two leather-lined trays
• Full attaché case-style design inlaid into the lid
• Concealed iPad holder
• Suede-lined watch box and secret jewelry compartment
• A secret spirit bottle holder
• Swing-out crystal glass cabinet with engraved tumblers and handmade coasters
• Rear storage drawer
• Drinks companion set, including rosewood corkscrew, anti-drip pourer, vacuum pump stopper and handmade hip flask
• Hidden wine bottle compartment

You know you are purchasing item of high quality. The wood is elegant. Inside the chest, you’ll notice it is lined throughout with incredible, hand-stitched leather. This wooden chest is luxury, both inside and out.

The wooden chest can be purchased for a price of £14,500 + vat. More details are available on the company’s web site.

Looking for luxury decor? Consider buying the new The Churchill wooden chest from Whittle & Wallis. Return again to follow our luxury blog. Read about more luxury decor products from the best manufacturers in the world.

Photo: Whittle & Wallis

Protect and Display Your Luxury Valuables – Private Museum by Buben & Zorweg

Buben & Zorweg announced at this year’s Baselworld 2016 show their new Private Museum. The luxury German company has developed an incredible way to both protect and display your luxury valuables.

For those of us who have collectibles and other valuable goods, safekeeping is a big concern. The problem is the frustration of locking items up in a floor or wall safe, that looks like it came from Fort Knox. You know its protected in your beefy safe, but you can’t see it. Well things have now changed for the better.

For over twenty years, Buben & Zorweg has developed a wide variety of products targeting the luxury industry. From their elaborate Object of Time® watch wardrobe that integrates the latest watch winding technology, to a luxury safe that can protect up to a 100 watch collection plus be used as a music system, weather station, bar and a humidor! The luxury brand is one of most respected companies in the luxury sector.

One of the joys for serious collectors is sharing your rare and precious items with others. Collecting is often a passion so avid collectors enjoy talking about their items with pride. The new Private Museum from Buben & Zorweg now allows you to safely and permanently exhibit your personal collection at home or in the office.

Christian Zörweg was quoted, “For some collectors, a treasure is more about personal memories and sentimental rather than financial value. What we know for certain is that anything our clients exhibit in a Buben & Zorweg Private Museum is an expression of what they are truly passionate about.”

What makes the new Private Museum a one of kind solution for serious collectors is the ability to safely display precious objects in a place that is both discrete, but features the beauty of any personal collection. Collectors can choose from three different models – the Private Museum Inbuilt, the Grande Private Museum and the Grande Private Museum Inbuilt.

Buben & Zorweg private museum

The safe features quiet motors that will vertically move the 22 mm thick, 100 kg heavy bullet-proof glass in a consistent soft motion. This allows viewers to see the precious treasures safely stored inside.

Security is of course a key concern. You’ll be please to know the Private Museum can be equipped with high-end security methods similar to what’s found in some of the top museums. Examples include optional mirrored spy-glass that turns transparent with a simple button touch. There is biometric fingerprint identification of the locking system, in addition to LED technology to beautifully display your collection. Lastly, there’s an integrated alarm system that can actually be hooked-up to your existing alarm system for increased security

If you’d like to learn more about the Private Museum from the Buben & Zorweg, please contact us. You can trust their German engineering, creative design and innovative technology. Stop by to read more articles in our luxury blog.

Photo: Buben & Zorweg

3 Tips to Make Hosting a Holiday Party Not Stress You Out

During the busy holiday season, it’s very important to try and stay festive. Hosting a holiday party can be stressful, but the the key to a great party is being a relaxed host.

The key is planning ahead, getting organized and staying on task. Hosting a holiday party can be a daunting task, but don’t let it ruin your life. You want everyone to have a VIP experience, but that won’t happen by just luck.

Between Thanksgiving and New Years, we all have a lot going on. Shopping, socializing with friends and family, cold winters …. it can be too much for some people. Stay calm, don’t get overwhelmed and take things one day at a time.

If you need some planning and hosting a holiday party, Maureen Petroskyhas offered some helpful tips to get you through it and throw a successful holiday party. It can literally be as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Maureen’s resourceful tips offer some time honored help to get you on the right path. Focus on the end goal and her “Go for Gold”, “Rule of Three” and the “Three P’s” tips will make your next soirée the talk of the town!

Tip #1: Go for Gold
• When decorating for the holidays, create a tabletop that lasts from Thanksgiving through the New Year. Go for a gold tablecloth, and simply switch out fall colored napkins for red, white, green or navy blue—and then add more glittery objects to take it from November to December. For New Year’s, you can just pluck off all the colors and turn the tabletop all silver and gold. It’s easy by just changing out linen napkins and draping different colored ribbons around the center of the table.

Tip #2 – Rule of Three
• From appetizers to drinks to desserts, you don’t have to be a trained chef or mixologist to entertain over the holidays. Keep it simple with 3-ingredient recipes. My go-to 3-ingredient appetizer is a fresh baguette sliced thin and toasted, top with a scoop of quality ricotta cheese, and then drizzle with truffle oil and finish with coarse sea salt and cracked pepper. For an easy cocktail that’s sure to impress, put ice in a tumbler and pour Sandeman Porto on ice and stir well with a bar spoon. Garnish with a slice of orange and sprig of mint.

Tip #3 – The Three P’s:
• This tip is really for entertaining anytime of the year! There are three things you need to make sure to have in your kitchen – port, poundcake and pain (which is French for bread). With these three items on hand, you can put out a festive spread with very little effort. Just pour that holiday port cocktail (or serve it straight up!) and top that sliced baguette with anything and everything—from manchego cheese and spicy honey to leftover cranberry sauce and cream cheese for easy appetizers. The pound cake is delicious on its own, but you can easily dress it up with oranges and dried cherries or even make a quick rosemary-infused whipped cream and top with pomegranate seeds. Voila! You’re ready to entertain in style.

If you need help planning or hosting a holiday party, contact The Life of Luxury. We can help or even recommend an event planner in your area to assist you and make your holiday party a huge success. If you like reading about entertaining tips and food related stories, please read our luxury blog.

BUBEN & ZORWEG Offers Billionaire-Style Interior Design

This year, luxury brand BUBEN & ZORWEG is celebrating two decades in the worldwide luxury business. They are aware that their clients are very concerned about secrecy and the importance to protect their valuable, personal belongings.

BUBEN & ZORWEG shared a few recent projects for their ultra wealthy clients. In Europe, they installed three 580kg, 2 metre high X-007 safes under the floor of their client’s palatial home. The three safes and floor openings resembled a trap door, accessible from the stage of the in-home theatre. Like something out of the James Bond movie, the entire safe system rises from the floor utilizing a double lift system. The great reveal displays a stunning, 360 degree bullet-proof glass showcase.

For another BUBEN & ZORWEG client with a home in the One Hyde Park apartment block of London wanted the installation to be top secret. This building is known to be popular with international billionaires, so the owner wanted reassurance no one – including the company’s installation team, would discover either the floor or apartment number. To live a VIP lifestyle, one must often be careful about disclosing too much personal information.

Another customer wanted a high security fence installed outside his luxury villa. In addition, two high-security, double-lock doors were installed that lead up to the room where his safes are located.

As you can tell, security and privacy are key desires of the affluent. What the desire from BUBEN & ZORWEG is perfect hand craftsmanship, along with German engineering technology to design and install high-end security systems.

The BUBEN & ZORWEG director Christian Zörweg was quoted, “We love creating extravagant, timeless objects of beauty, embodying the decadent lifestyles of the world’s richest men. At BUBEN&ZORWEG, both luxury and security are in the details.”

BUBEN & ZORWEG proudly develops bespoke objects and interiors to showcase watches, jewelry and other pricey collectibles in private residences and palaces round the world, plus yachts and businesses.

If you need to install the best in security safes, then BUBEN & ZORWEG is your choice. The Life of Luxury is proud to share the latest news in the luxury industry. Please return to follow our luxury blog and stay on top of what’s hot.


Luxury Game Trunk From Bertoni 1949

The fine craftsmanship and quality of Italian luxury products has long been desired. The Game Trunk is another example of this. It’s a container that’s dedicated to games and ideal for both fans and collectors alike.

The Game Trunk from Bertoni 1949 was unveiled at the last Milan Design Week. In collaboration with Hangar Design Group, the Game Trunk features the finest handcrafting plus an exclusive design. It would be perfect in a game room and great for entertaining with friends and family.

During last year’s Milan Design Week, Bertoni 1949 introduced the incredible Nomad Trunk. It’s a unique travel desk that once it’s opened, includes both a seat and a desktop with various storage compartments.

Inside the Game Trunk you find a casket made from gorgeous anthracite oak. Store your favorite games such dominoes, chess set, mahjong, plus even poker cards and betting chips. The entire area is covered in leather parchment and highlighted in black alligator spiked details.

The Bertoni 1949 prestige lives on with this stunning Game Trunk. In partnership with Hangar Design Group, they have created a beautiful piece of decor of impeccable quality.

Founded in 1949, all Bertoni 1949 products are hand-made and professionally made in Italy. The Italian luxury brand Bertoni 1949 that offers the finest handbags and luggage, is driven to create products for people who desire extreme beauty, attention to details, the highest quality and utilizing the finest raw materials.

If you are interested in learning more or purchasing the new Game Trunk by Bertoni 1949, contact The Life of Luxury today. We can help you with the buying process. Read about future luxury decor and fashion product announcements by following this luxury blog.

Photo: Bertoni 1949

Tan in Luxury Style – Sun Lounger by Remmus

For anybody that has laid outside to soak in the sun’s rays, knows that a common annoyance is getting up to shift your chaise lounge chair to align with the moving sun. Remmus has solved that problem with the luxury Remmus sun lounger.

Finish firm Remmus is the maker of a luxury lounger that can be found on yachts, high-end resorts and villas around the world. The ultimate in luxury decor.

The stylish Remmus sun lounger can actually rotate 360 degrees so it effortlessly follows the moving sun, thus maximizing your sun exposure. No more hassling with repositioning yourself throughout the day.

Remmus was created by Finish designer Tapio Anttila and the sun lounger automatically rotates to face the sun and has been labeled the “revolution in luxury sunbathing.”

Remmus features a waterproof safe locker to keep your valuables safe while you relax in the sun. Once the day heats up and you want to enjoy your favorite beverage, the sun lounger even has a built-in cooler box. For those extra warm days, cool off with built-in misters.

Some people can never leave their hi-tech gadgets behind, so you’ll appreciate the wireless charging station to power up your smartphone or tablet.

Once the sun sets, don’t think you need to leave your Remmus lounger. Just turn on the ambient LED lights. Great for reading a book or socialize with friends with perfect mood lighting. Ready for a cocktail? No worries as you’ll find the built-in service button to call a waiter and place your cocktail order. What a VIP experience!

The lounger has an adjustable powered back rest and includes a breathable padded mattress and built to withstand heavy wear, salt water and UV rays. The polished metal fixtures are made from “acid-proof steel” to prevent corrosion.

If you like reading about luxury decor and amazing luxury travel destinations, then be sure to come back often and read this luxury blog. It’s the best way to follow the latest news and product announcements in the luxury industry.

Photo: Remmus

Create a Luxurious Setting in Your Garden

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start designing your own unique outdoor garden setting. Having a luxurious outdoor space to relax in will make you feel rejuvenated. It should also be a setting you will be proud to share with family and friends.

You can choose a number of different amenities to help make your garden space as unique as you are. With a little planning and some work, you can transform any area into your own oasis in your backyard.

One of the first things you need to do is plan your space. Where do you want your garden area? How big do you want it to be? If you live in the city where space is limited, you can still have a luxurious garden area, albeit on a smaller scale.

If you have a larger yard, you might want to consider planning your spot away from your house, so you have a special spot to get away from household chores.

Get creative with shapes. Instead of the same old squares and rectangle garden or patio space, why not try a triangle. Start at the outer edge and map it out to come to a particular point. Or, consider an oval or round area.

This can be especially pretty is you plan your seating area in the middle and surround the outer edge with plants and water fountains cascading every several feet. An arch entryway covered with Wisteria plants makes for a Victorian vibe.

After you have planned your size and shape, it’s time to get down to what features you want in your garden. Let your creative side drive you. Look through magazines to come up with ideas if need be.

It is easier to maintain plants in planters. If you want a Georgian theme, lovely cement or terra cotta planters make the perfect addition. Different size planters will make your area appear larger. In addition, planting flowers with the same overall hue will give your garden a more put together feel.

A gazebo or bench in the center of your garden area will pull everything together. Make sure there’s space enough for your special someone to join you. Alternatively, if you plan to entertain in the space, you need to plan for a table and chairs.

Outdoor water features and bubbling water fountains make your oasis a relaxing place for you to unwind after a long day, or enjoy a book on a Sunday afternoon. Not only will the sound of water cascading make you feel peaceful, but the appearance will lull you into a state of relaxation and serenity. Water fountains are also a great way to add moisture to the air on hot dry days. Recycling water from the fountains to water your plants also helps the environment.

Creating your own unique garden spot does not have to be expensive or take months to complete. With these easy ideas for you to expand into your own wants and needs, you are sure to come up with the ultimate garden spot. Taking the time to plan will greatly ensure that your garden is exactly the way you want it. Remember, it’s your special spot, so make it one you will enjoy many peaceful hours in.

If you enjoy reading about the latest, luxury decor ideas and products, return and follow this luxury blog.

Photo: Water Gallery

Luxury Handbags and Luggage by Bertoni 1949

The story of Bertoni started way back in 1949. Riccardo Bertoni with his partners, founded “Valigeria Bertoni.” They initially produced luxury travel suitcases and trunks. Soon after, Bertoni was offering high quality, leather wardrobe suitcases, classic suitcases, plus American and wardrobe trunks.

Located just few miles away from Milan, Bertoni was founded and developed in Varese. Here they continue to maintain a leading position in the market as a luxury, luggage manufacturer. All Bertoni 1949 products are professionally hand-made and made in Italy.

Bertoni 1949 fine, leather products are for those who desire the quality, attention to details, and intense passion for only the finest raw materials available.

Bertoni recently announced new pieces from its Heritage Collection. The creative colors, colors, and new materials truly express the spirit of the American Dream.

The Navajo Wardrobe Suitcase is covered with gorgeous Navajo fabric. The edges of the suitcase are cleverly spiked with leather details. Used inside the luxury suitcase is black drill material and available with hangers made for the beech and shirt compartment. You’ll also find multifunctional drawers on the side. The stylish new suitcase is made from customized palladium metals.

The new Wardrobe Suitcase is made from parchment that is painted black. The suitcase inside is made from black drill material. Like the Navajo model, this one has edges spiked with leather details, includes the hangers and is made from customized palladium metals.

Bertoni 1949 continues to expand its family of luxury leather products. They utilize various types of leathers and materials to stay ahead of the demand curve of its loyal, but demanding customers who only want the best.

If you would like more information on Bertoni 1949 and their fine, leather products, please contact The Life of Luxury. Want to read more stories about other luxury products, return and follow this popular luxury blog.

Photo: Bertoni 1949