Treat Your Skin Right – Skincare Differences Between Men and Women

Dr. Michael Tick is a biochemist, laboratory director for The Institute for Skin Sciences (ISS). Dr Tick is also the founder of Edimi, which is a quality line of organic skincare and body care products that can be found at the best luxury spas and salons located around the world.

Dr. Tick is well respected and an internationally renowned research Scientist. His life-long goal is to bring good health and wellness to the people through their own skin.

According to Dr. Tick, it’s important to realize that skin is not all the same, particularly between men and women. So when you choose your skincare products, be careful and get the right product for your specific skin type.

Proper skincare is very important. Here are some of the key differences in skin types between men and women:
– The skin of a man is thicker than the skin of a woman and has more collagen; therefore women tend to age faster than men.
– Women have more subcutaneous fat – fat below the skin – than men. Therefore women suffer from cellulite.
– Men secrete more sebum (oil) and they secrete it throughout life. Women stop secreting sebum after menopause, therefore the skin looks coarser and drier as the woman ages.
– Men sweat more than women and the sweat stays on the body longer. Men also have more body hair and therefore more surface area for bacteria to develop.
– The female skin is also more functionally responsive than the skin of men. Therefore female skin has a greater tendency to redness and to irritation to skin care products and so women are said to have tender skin.

In addition to men having facial hair, there are additional structural differences between a
man’s skin and that of a woman. For example, a man’s skin is about 25% thicker dues to androgen (testosterone) stimulation which results in a greater skin thickness.

Due to the increased skin thickness of men, Dr. Tick says, “These differences are important in developing skin care products, for example odor control is more difficult in males than in females, because of the presence of body hair and the increased production of sweat and of sebum. Facial stinging is also more prevalent in women and therefore we must test facial products and cosmetics more rigorously for sensitive skin in women. Less collagen in female skin combined with thinner skin means a larger anti-aging market for women. Lastly, the increased subcutaneous fat in women means that the market for the development of cellulite treatment is almost completely confined to this group.”

Men also have a higher collagen density than women, regardless of their age. Dr. Michael Tick states, “Because collagen content is directly related to the signs of skin aging, it has been said a woman’s skin is about 15 years older than a man’s of the same age. However, men are less sun savvy than women, meaning they don’t use sunscreens, and could contribute to why the “15 year” skin age difference is not readily noticed. UV damage from the sun can add years to a man’s skin.”

Dr. Tick believes that men and women need to search for skincare cleansing products that do not contain sodium lauryl sulphate (or equivalent). The reason is that these types of skincare cleansers are alkaline based and alkaline are “drying agents” which will ultimately dry out your skin. Not the desired result for your skin.

Also, look for skincare products that have a high pH (pH stands for potential hydrogen, which is a measurement of the acid vs. alkaline levels in the body and your skin. Remember, you don’t always have to go to a high-end spa to get great skincare products.

Another skin difference is a man’s skin texture tends to be tougher. Production of skin sebum (oil) is also a difference compared to women. Soon after puberty, the level of sebum production in males increases which results in greater androgen secretions. The result is a higher level of unsightly acne in younger males.

House of Sillage Private Collection Travel Spray

House of Sillage is a luxury haute parfumerie company located in sunny California, and is planning to debut its Limited Edition Private Collection Luxury Travel Perfume Spray this fall at curated fragrance and luxury lifestyle trade shows.

House of Sillage develops extraordinary fragrances that are rivaled only by their stunning and highly sought after bottle-art designs.

The artfully-designed piece resembles an emerald-green gecko climbing a beautiful exotic flower was inspired by during a hot tropical night on a remote island in the South Pacific.

The first and only one of ten made-to-order House of Sillage Private Collection Travel Spray features a glorious gecko, adorned with stunning bezel-set center and round Colombian green emeralds (more than two carats), climbing a leafy vine embellished with round brilliant-cut colorless diamonds (more than four carats).

The fragrance bottle contains a total of 665 gemstones on the piece, all handset on an 18K yellow gold cylinder. It’s a truly amazing design which took several months to create. It is priced at $118,000 retail.

The Limited Edition Gold Travel Spray from House of Sillage holds 7.5ml and comes with one of each of the brand’s six different fragrances along with the Certificate of Authenticity, packaged in a gorgeous Birdseye Maple lacquered gift box.

House of Sillage Founder Nicole Mather was quoted, “Our exciting new one-off statement piece is truly the essence of our passion for haute parfumerie created from the inside out. Tt’s an elegant addition to the House of Sillage line and represents a synthesis of artistry and craft, tradition and innovation.”

All of the company’s scents are produced in France by a team of professional noses, artists and designers, and distributes its fragrance products in over 25 countries.

We have access to the best luxury fragrances and perfumes.  Please contact The Life of Luxury for the best beauty products in the world.

Skin Care Tips from Amala’s Terese Linke

Amala skin care
Photo: Amala

Amala skin care products are crafted in Germany. The premium product line is well known for its ultra-premium, results-oriented, custom formulas, rooted in advanced plant chemistry.

The entire line of Amala skin care products are of 100% natural origin, that work in total synergy with
the body to deliver visible, proven benefits to skin and senses.

Terese Linke is global education and spa training director for Amala. With summer right around the corner, she is offering some important skin care tips to create healthy, hydrated, radiant skin from head to toe!

* Had a bit too much fun in the sun? Amala’s Hydrating Treatment Oil, infused with Organic Avocado and Pomegranate Seed Oil, rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, help nourish, soothe and protect the skin against the damaging effects of a day in the rays.

* To refresh skin after a day at the beach, keep a bottle of Amala’s Rejuvenating Toner in the refrigerator. The cooling, aromatic mist over the skin absorbs instantly, quenching dehydrated skin.

* For a glowing, summer-ready complexion, regular exfoliation (twice weekly) is a must! Amala’s Brightening Face Polish revives the skin with its unique blend of Narcissus, Raspberry Seeds and Algae Extract, peeling away pigmented surface cells and revealing a smooth, even skin tone.

* Before applying self-tanner, scrub the body all over in the shower a week in advance (two to three times) with Amala’s Detoxifying Body Polish. This will clear off the dead skin cells for a clean palette to achieve even coverage with the tanner.

* To instantly soothe, comfort and repair sunburned or peeling lips, smother them with Amala’s Soothing Lip Salve. The healing and moisturizing effects of Desert Fig Seed Oil and Shea Butter work together for a quick fix!

* To rid the skin of excess shine, press a small amount of Amala’s Purifying Mattifier directly over a moisturizer, covering the entire face or the oily T-Zone area. Natural Rice Hull Powder absorbs excess oils, leaving the skin with a clear photo-ready finish that lasts all day long. Before applying makeup, apply the mattifier as a primer under make-up for a soft matte finish.

Brighton Collection – Latest Bio-Botanical Skincare Offering from Amala

Photo: Amala

Utilizing the healing properties of organic Narcissus, Amala has introduced its latest bio-botanical skincare offering – The Brighton Collection.

German company Amala is well known for its ultra-premium, results-oriented custom formulas, rooted in advanced plant chemistry. Amala means “most pure” in Sanskrit and is the beauty industry’s premier plant-powered luxury skincare collection, trusted by five-star spas around the world.

The new skincare system form Amala naturally reawakens your skin’s radiance and clarity.

Powered by Amala’s new BioRadiance ingredient complex, which blends narcissus with other healing organics, this collection has been proven in third-party clinical trials to deliver firmer skin and refined texture in just four weeks, and a brighter, more even tone in just eight weeks.

Amala’s Joi Ruud, Global Marketing Director was quoted, “With Brighten, Amala proves once again that one does not need to sacrifice beautiful, visible results for authentic, long-term health and wellness.”

This ultimate skincare collection is certified by NATRUE, who is noted as the global authority for natural
and organic cosmetic standards.

Brighten products are designed to work together synergistically in a simple, effective regimen, as follows:

* Cleanse and tone: Morning and evening, cleanse skin with Amala Cleanser, rinse and follow with Brightening Toning Essence to balance and prepare skin.

* Boost: Apply Brightening Corrective Concentrate, an ultra-concentrated radiance-boosting serum.

* Moisturize: Apply Brighten Moisturizer of choice – rich, Brightening Treatment Cream or lighter Advanced Brightening Emulsion. Follow with Amala Eye Treatment.

* Intensive Radiance Ritual: Twice a week, start by exfoliating with the Brightening Face Polish, rinse, follow with generous application of Intensive Brightening Mask, rich in tone-brightening actives.

The Brighten Collection will become Amala brand’s sixth skincare line and planned to be available in exclusive spas around the world and online at www.amalabeauty.com beginning May 15, 2013.

Carthusia – The Scents of Capri! Exquisite Perfumes for Women

Carthusia Capri Perfume

Carthusia is a small niche perfume house from the Italian island of Capri, which is well regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful islands.

All of Carthusia’s perfumes are made from the highest quality ingredients and the end product hand-wrapped. Women understand that a scent plays a truly important part on their moods and emotions.

The exquisite perfumes produced by Carthusia not only tell a tale of one of the world’s most beautiful isle (Capri) but also about the beautiful flowers which grow there.

Capri can be described as stunning, hypnotic, unforgettable and mythical. The air of Capri is filled with aromatic scents and they linger unaltered in one’s memory.

The evocative power of scents is rooted in tradition and ancient legends. Even today, nothing has
changed: working methods, the quality of the raw materials, the love with which each perfume is prepared, filtered and individually packaged by hand.

Carthusia offers a complete range of magnificent perfumes for both yourself and your home. The most classical Carthusia fragrances are expertly adapted into new formulas in order to please the most sensitive of noses.

This is the spirit of Carthusia – the scents of Capri!

Carthusia has introduced their latest line of products, including:

– Carthusia solid wax perfume

– Carthusia shower gel

– Carthusia body lotion

– Carthusia solid soap

– Carthusia room fragrances

The Ritz-Carlton Offers Asprey Bath and Body Products

Asprey Purple Water
Asprey – Purple Water

Known for their outstanding customer service, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel., is now offering the very best in hotel amenities. Through a new partnership between two legendary luxury brands, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Asprey, guestrooms and suites will be stocked with Asprey bath and body products featuring their signature scent, Purple Water.

The striking new collection of purple jacquard print tubes filled with the fragrance of fresh citrus blended with spicy undertones will truly enrich a guest’s experience during their stay at The Ritz-Carlton.

“The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company prides itself on creating experiences so exceptional that the memories of a hotel visit will stay with our guests for a lifetime” expressed Herve Humler, President, C.O.O. and founding member of The Ritz-Carlton.

Guests will also have the option of purchasing Purple Water items from gift boutiques in Ritz-Carlton hotels across the Americas, online at www.ritzcarlton.com from March 12, and at The Ritz-Carlton, Boston Common which has opened in the hotel’s main lobby.

Boston Common, which is open 10am-6pm Tuesday through Saturday and by personal appointment, features an assortment of pieces such as fine jewelry, leather goods including handbags, briefcases and luggage, silver, watches and cufflinks, china, crystal and games. Asprey, which dates back to 1781 as one of the world’s most distinguished luxury goods houses, delivers magnificent products made with quality craftsmanship.

“The unrivaled Asprey craftsmanship, fine jewelry and luxurious leather items are timeless treasures that our hotel guests and neighboring residents will greatly appreciate” said Humler.

Just as over many generations Asprey has developed into one of the world’s most prestigious luxury retailers, The Ritz-Carlton has long been synonymous with unparalleled service and refined luxury.”

Exquisite New Perfumes by Carthusia

Carthusia perfume of Capri

The scent of a woman’s perfume makes a powerful statement about her personality. The delicate and faint aroma should be subtle and pleasing enough causing heads to turn and smiles to form.

Carthusia’s perfumes offer just that. The exquisite perfume captures the magnetic fragrance and beauty of one of the world’s most beautiful isle (Capri) and the flowers which grow there. Beautiful, hypnotic, unforgettable and mythical. The love put into growing a paradise of flowers and gardens is the same love with which each perfume is prepared, filtered and individually packaged by hand.

A fascinating story circulates around the origins of the first perfume to be produced on the island of Capri. Legend has it that back in 1380, an unannounced visit to Capri by Queen Giovanna D’Angio prompted the Father Prior of the Carthusian Monastery of St Giacomo to quickly arrange a large bouquet of flowers in her honor using all the most beautiful island flora.

After three days, the water in which the flowers had been placed had acquired a scent the notes of which were quite unknown to the prior. With the aid of the Father Alchemist he was able to trace the source of the fragrance to the “Garofilium Sivestre Caprese”, which was to become the very first perfume of Capri.

Captivating and appealing to the most sensitive of noses, the classical fragrances of Carthusia are reminiscent of scents rooted in tradition and ancient legends – all made from genuine products of high quality.

New products offered to the Carthusia fragrance base are:

Carthusia solid wax perfume

Carthusia shower gel

Carthusia body lotion

Carthusia solid soap

Carthusia room fragrances

Indulge in the authentic fragrances of this magnificent island and discover something about yourself because, as we know, perfume is meant to enhance your mood and emotions.

Fabulous Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Both Him & Her

Rebekah Lea ­Star Bangle jewelry
Courtesy of: Rebekah Lea ­

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. How about some wonderful gift ideas for that special person in your life?

If you are trying to sweep the love of your life off their feet and go far beyond just the traditional flowers and candy, here are some terrific escapes that everyone can enjoy.

It’s time to step away from cliché and pick something a bit more fun such as an “over the top” gift’ for your sweet Valentine this year.

Our list of sexy, Valentine’s Day gift ideas for both him & her include a variety of suggestions including luxurious vacation experiences, the perfect V-Day outfit, and the perfect diamond keepsakes.

It’s the ultimate 2013 V-Day Gift Guide: These “over the top” gifts offer a personalized statement of your love this Valentine’s Day:

For Her:
Give Her the Gift of Style with a Romantic Date Night Outfit
Make your woman fall in love with both you and the fun, contemporary womenswear line, Rae Francis, as you spoil her with their luxurious clothing this Valentine’s Day. The romantic, flowing fabrics will keep her feeling sexy and flirty on February 14th. Pull a Richard Gere and surprise her with one of these items as a gift before your date, making her feel like the “Pretty Woman” in your life as she wears it for your romantic Valentine’s venture.
Pictured left, Rae Francis Timothy Blouse
$255.00 and Rae
Francis Dexter Dress
$260.00 available
from www.raefrancis.com .

Show Her You Really Know Your Sweetie with a Handbag from Oscar and Anna ­
From $468
If you want to give your lady a gift that will REALLY keep on giving, why not give her something she can wear each day and think of you? A beautiful leather purse, such as the ones by New York-based handbag line, Oscar and Anna, can be the gift that shows your honey you know her needs; isn’t a woman¹s bag usually her best friend, after all? The sleek and light-weight Italian leather bags are designed to be as practical as they are functional, featuring dual entry side pockets into a bottom compartment that separates the big things she totes around daily (i.e. gym clothes, umbrella, iPad, etc.) from the things she needs easy access to (i.e. keys, wallet, phone). This way, when your lady stays over your place next time, she won’t have to worry about toting around extra clothes like a bag lady, eliminating the “walk of shame” altogether! Opt for a nice bordeaux or hot pink, the colors of love, in the Cleo “Shoe-In” style and you¹ve got yourself a guaranteed win this Valentine’s Day!
Available from www.OscarandAnna.com

Spoil Her With Diamonds From Rebekah Lea ­
From $480
Everyone knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend! That¹s why jewelry designer Rebekah Lea’s stunning collection is the perfect way to immortalize your love with a memoir she will be able to hold on to forever. Whether it¹s an understated stackable ring, the bold Die Hard Earrings with diamonds and rubies, or an engagement ring for those ready to REALLY commit, the collection offers a perfect gift for any girl. Whether you want to offer a small token of love to be treasured forever, or are ready to pop the big question, the below suggestions are a surefire way to make your sweetie feel like a modern-day princess.
To browse all of Rebekah Lea¹s collections, please visit: www.RebekahLea.com

For Him:
Bring Out His Dark Side with Rebekah Lea ­
From $480
Finding the right gift for your man is important, especially on Valentine’s Day. Unique yet stylish, Rebekah Lea’s designs aren’t just for the ladies, just as jewelry on Valentine¹s Day isn¹t just for her. Surprise your husband or boyfriend with a powerful and intricate necklace from Rebekah Lea’s Forbidden Forest Collection. Casted from a real mouse skull, with black diamonds and garnets, this necklace is the perfect addition for any mysterious and fashion loving man in your life.
from www.rebekahlea.com

For Her OR Him:
Escape to the City of Love with Kensington Tours ­
From $820
The countdown to Valentine¹s Day is on, and Kensington Tours is here to help you with a collection of steamy destinations, perfect for old or new flames. Specializing in custom tours and cruises to the most extraordinary destinations, every tailor made journey is carefully crafted by the travel specialists to deliver a unique, personalized adventure. Why not take that special someone on an unforgettable getaway and discover the dazzle and charm of one of the most romantic places on earth ­ Paris! Stroll down the
banks of the Seine or enjoy the Palace of Versailles hand-in-hand with your sweetie.
available at www.KensingtonTours.com

The Perfect Colombian Getaway with Jacada Travel ­
From $4,090
Escape to some of the most enchanting, pristine and romantic corners of the always sexy Colombia with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day with Jacada Travel, the go-to experts on bespoke luxury travel to Africa and Latin America. Whether you¹re looking for seductive seclusion or want to indulge in passionate city life of Cartagena, this country is the perfect romantic destination for every kind of couple. Start the trip off with serene seclusion with your honey in the protected paradise of Tayrona National Park where you’ll dive, snorkel, fish and surf. Once you¹ve had enough canoodling with your sweetheart, head to the romantic city of Cartagena, the “Florence of South America,” where you can stroll hand-in-hand down the time-worn colonial streets, sipping on champagne and relishing over fine gourmet dinners. This majestic and exciting getaway is the ideal vacation to sweep your sweetheart off his/her feet.
available at www.JacadaTravel.com

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    Achieve a Better 2013 with ​6 Professional Beauty Tips

    top beauty tips - hair perm tips

    Most of us make a New Year’s resolution. Losing weight, getting in better share, improving our looks are always tops in the list.

    So whether it’s trying new make-up or getting that trendy haircut you’ve dreamed of for months, make 2013 the year you make that change in your life for the better.

    Marissa Machado is a popular, celebrity makeup and hair stylist for Celestine Agency in Santa Monica, Calif. Marissa has worked with some of Hollywood’s hottest stars including: Emma Stone, Lauren Conrad, and the Jonas Brothers.

    Marissa Machado shares her expert insight with the following six, insider beauty tips to get the most bang for your buck!

    1) When Getting Your Hair Colored
    It’s best to have your hair brushed before arriving for your hair appointment. This saves your stylist from having to detangle your locks and allows him or her to get started on your color right away.
    Additionally, there’s no need to wash or style your hair; it will be washed and styled after the color treatment. For more pre- and post-salon hair-coloring tips, read this article
    from TheHairStyler.

    2) When Going to a Makeup Appointment
    Always show up makeup-free when heading to an appointment. I know it’s hard for some ladies to leave the house without makeup, but you will have a better application by showing up with a fresh face. When a makeup artist has to remove makeup, your face will become red and sensitive and may require heavier application. If absolutely necessary, apply a tinted moisturizer before leaving your house.

    3) When Tipping at the Salon
    Tipping is an important part of your payment and should never be skipped. Not all salons are created equal, but some stylists have to pay the salon a portion of their clients’ service plus rent for their
    station. So your tip is the only money they can put in their pocket in its entirety. According to Emily Post, beauty salon tips should fall between 15 and 20 percent with a request to split the amount between everyone who served you during your appointment.

    In addition, it’s equally important to spread the word if you have a great stylist; this will help his or her business and possibly yield a discount for you!

    4) When You’re On a Budget
    If you’re tight on cash but need to look fab for a special night out, try popping over to a makeup counter. The rule of thumb for makeup application is to purchase $60 worth of product. This is much more
    affordable than hitting up the salon or having someone come to your house. Plus, the product you buy will serve as your touch-up kit throughout the evening.

    5) When You’re a Smarty-Pants
    The best client in a hair or makeup chair is the one who doesn’t purport to know it all! To ensure a good experience for both parties, you should answer the stylist questions and let them do their magic.
    After all, they are the professionals and you’re seeking out their advice and experience! A bad client will try to instruct the stylist how to do their job; trust me, you’ll leave them wondering why you even bothered to make an appointment if you already know it all.

    6) When You’re Running Behind
    A good client is always on time! Stylists book their appointments according to process time and being late sets the rest of the day off causing everyone else to suffer. A bad client strolls in late on their cell phone with Starbucks in hand. Always remember the treatment you give your stylist will show on your face or hair!

    Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge Offers New Taino Steam Baths and Custom Packages

    Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge
    Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge

    The popularity of a relaxing spa treatment continues around the world.  Many people believe these soothing and detoxifing treatments offer various health, physical and spiritual purifications.

    Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge, nestled in the Dominican Republic’s pristine southwestern Bahoruco Forest and one of the Dominican Republic’s most eco-friendly boutique hotels, is offering brand new Taino Steam Baths and Temazcal therapies at its renowned Tanama Eco Spa.

    These soothing and purifing new treatments are tailored for those seeking a green indulgence.  Enjoy a mystical treatment designed to cleanse the body, invigorate the mind, and awaken the senses.  Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge can create a custom eco-friendly spa package perfect for travelers and spa enthusiasts seeking a relaxing escape into ancient prehispanic cultural traditions.  Whether a mother daughter bonding trip or a bridal getaway, you will enjoy a spa package designed especially for you.

    Located in a serene jungle oasis and made of rustic natural materials, the spa’s new Temazcal igloo shaped structure symbolizes the womb of mother earth. Within the structure, the cleansing ceremony combines the four elements – earth, air, water and fire – to purify and harmonize the mind, body and spirit in line with techniques going back to prehistoric times.

    Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge
    Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge

    During the ceremony, copal incense and herbs are placed on vibrant red volcanic rock.  Inside the Temazcal, participants in the ceremony sit in a circle where the herbal steam from the hot rock begins a process of purification through perspiration. At the conclusion of each treatment, guests emerge renewed with the Temazcal eliminating uric, lactic and alkaline acid from the blood stream and balancing the body’s PH levels.

    Tanama Eco Spa is offering spa enthusiasts to an all-encompassing jungle experience at the Dominican Republic’s top organic spa.  Casa Bonita’s two new Taino Steam Bath treatments being offered will pamper and spoil guests with treatments meant to transport the guest into the heart of mother earth.

    Taino Relaxing Bath

    This soothing treatment begins with an aroma therapy session inside the steaming Temazcal. Seasonal local herbs such as Rosemary, lemon, noni leaves, orange leaves, basil and guayuyo leaves are placed on the volcanic stones, infusing the air as you enjoy a relaxing massage and scalp treatment.

    Duration: 60 minutes / Cost: $75

    Taino Detox Bath

    Organic ingredients such as coffee and cacao enrich the Temazcal steam with rich antioxidants and nutritional benefits during this cleansing therapy. The treatment culminates with a clay massage, which hydrates the skin as the sound of the river lulls the guest to a state of pure relaxation.

    Duration: 90 minutes / Price: $110

    Visit Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge website at www.casabonitadr.com or call (800) 961-5133 for further information.

    Luxury Gift Ideas for the Upcoming Holiday Season

    Patagonia lighthouse
    Patagonia lighthouse

    As Christmas is just around the corner, it’s time to get serious and plan those special luxury gift idea and holiday gift purchases. You want to make each gift perfect and not end up being returned for a refund, handed off to someone else, or even donated to a charity.

    If you are looking impress that special female in your life with something unique, or want to surprise your best friend with a fun gift, these classy gifts are sure to bring on a holiday spirit, while avoiding the usual cliché gifts. We love sharing luxury gift ideas with our loyal blog readers.

    Here’s a list of several luxury gift ideas that are sure to impress and make this holiday season one to remember:

    No matter whether she’s been naught or Nice, get playful with Good and Bad Conscience Earrings by Rebekah Lea
    Every girl’s got a good side and bad side. This season discover that hidden wild side with jewelry designer Rebekah Lea’s dangerously elegant Good and Bad Conscience Earrings
    <http://www.rebekahleadesigns.com/collection/forbidden-forest/ ($750) from her dramatic Forbidden Forest collection.  Gentlemen ­ get flirty this holiday and see if your sweetheart has been naughty or nice this year! Just like her, these earrings have a little bit of both sides ­ black diamonds, white diamonds, black rhodium, sterling  silver, and some rose gold plating just to spice things up!  This is the perfect gift that will show her your fun side and just how much you care. Who knows, maybe it’ll bring out her wild side!
    Available at www.rebekahleadesigns.com

    Travel the Mayan Calendar in Luxury with Kensington Tours
    Despite people’s scaremongering that the world will come on to end on December 21st 2012, a closer look at the much talked about Mayan calendar actually shows that this is all just a misbelief. Thankfully, that means you and your loved one, closest friends, or family, have still got time to visit all those places on your bucket list – including the home of the Mayans themselves. Treat them to the ultimate luxury gift with Kensington Tours decadent The Mayan Calendar in Luxury http://www.kensingtontours.com/tours/central-america/mexico/2012–the-mayan-calendar-in-luxury, tour which will bring them to Merida, the capital city of the Yucatan Peninsula where a private guide will take them to various cultural sites around the city including the famous Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza. The city, once revered by priests and nobles for its prestigious cultural and religious significance, exists today as a testament to the success of the Mayan civilization. Then, after all that culture, they can rest along the beach in Cancun and enjoy some of the best entertainment
    in Mexico. Just make sure you include yourself in the trip!
    $2,089.00 per person for 7 days, available at www.KensingtonTours.com

    Take your nearest and dearest to the ends of the earth with Jacada Travel
    The perfect gift for the hard to please, Jacada Travel’s To the Ends of the Earth
      tour gives the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to really explore and experience the varied and rugged beautiful landscapes of Southern Patagonia. The tour takes you down to the Moreno Glacier, across the border to the Torres del Paine national park (among the most beautiful areas in the world) before embarking on a 4-night navigation of the straits of Magellan and the Beagle Channel. The tour can also be customized to suit your every need and want. Even the most nonchalant of recipients couldn’t help but be impressed!
    $5,445.00 per person for 15 nights, available at www.JacadaTravel.com

    Immortalize your loved one with a custom piece by Paul Gerben
    It might not quite fit under the Christmas tree or in a Christmas stocking, but a custom commissioned piece by fine artist, photographer and designer Paul Gerben is a holiday gift that will really take your loved one’s breath away. Gerben’s captivating mixed media compositions are timeless classics that will not only brighten a holiday morning, but can be treasured throughout life. His celebrity art portraits cover the spectrum, from Hollywood legends such as Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra to rockstars like The Beatles, and sports legend Muhammad Ali. Prefer something a little more personal? Gerben incorporates his distinct aesthetic and unique style into every custom commission he creates. La La Anthony, wife of Knicks Star Carmelo Anthony commissioned a large abstract piece from Gerben earlier this year so that she can still look at her husband every day, even when he’s on the road.
    Prices available on request, for more information, please visit www.GerbenFineArt.com