Luxury Line of Skincare Products by Ashieda

Keeping our skin looking healthy and youthful is a constant battle. Ashieda offers a line of luxury skincare products that include one-of-a-kind anti-aging, hydration and skin renewal properties.

Ashieda was founded by Sarah Ehrlich (photo below) and her luxury skincare brand uses only all natural, world-class ingredients obtained from from local cultures with proven formulas to truly help a person’s skin look even more youthful and radiant.

The Ashieda line of skincare products is comprised of four incredible products: Beauty Nectar, Natural Clear Skin Cleansing Sponge, Natural Moisture Hydrating Crème plus the Natural Facial Mask. Celebrities work hard at keeping their skin looking their best. Several current clients include Robin Antin, Akon and David Guetta.

Sarah Ehrlich - Ashieda

Skin Renewal Mask by Ashieda is a wonderful product that actually stimulates collagen generation to produce a healthy looking skin. It’s the ideal mask because it is easy to use at-home plus the mask is made from all-natural vegetable fibers. The skin results are amazing as the mask targets all aspects of anti aging in this sole treatment. You will be impressed with your skin’s instant and long lasting results.

Clinically proven as safe, the Skin Renewal Mask has seen results showing about 67% of its users actually seeing improvement in their skin surface in just 6 months. Don’t think The mask is only for women. Men too have seen great results and noted celebrities such as Miguel, Ed Sheeran and Matt Gross use it.

You want to talk about a game changer in skincare, then please strongly consider Beauty Nectar by Ashieda. This unique collagen drink product has been specifically formulated and proven in clinical studies to both renew and hydrate your skin. Since our skin is made up of more than 80% collagen, the challenge is to stop the natural decline in our skin’s protein levels which causes those unsightly fine lines and wrinkles. Beauty Nectar is a delicious-tasting collagen drink and is simply 100% natural. No sugars, chemicals or any type of additive.

The benefit is that the Beauty Nectar collagen drink provides the highest grade of hydrolyzed collagen to treat your skin. The results are almost immediate after drinking the 10-bottle box. Each bottle is 2 ounces and when taken daily, it adds pure hydrolyzed collagen protein to your skin. You’ll quickly notice an improvement in your overall skin tone, in addition to a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines. It’s time to help bring your skin back to the strength and elasticity of your youth!

Looking for a great tasting cocktail with a health boost. try the “Drink Yourself Pretty Cocktail.” Just mix a 2-oz bottle of Beauty Nectar with 8 ounces of vodka. Add a red cherry and enjoy!

If you would like to read more about the latest luxury skincare products and trendy beauty tips such as from Ashieda, please follow this luxury blog.

You can order online at:

The Dubai Mall – World’s Largest, Luxury Shopping Mall

Dubai in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) did it again several years ago when they opened the world’s largest, luxury shopping mall – The Dubai Mall.

The Dubai Mall is currently undergoing a large expansion project with management shooting for a goal of 100 million annual visitors to this mega mall in the Middle East.

The Dubai Mall is definitely the most luxurious shopping center found anywhere. The huge shopping mall is located in Dubai City Luxury Homes. It has something for everyone including well over 1,000 luxury stores and shops, an indoor aquarium, Olympic size ice rink, plus even a Roller Coaster.

The spot on slogan of the Dubai Mall is “Everything You Desire” and it’s true. The ultimate in luxury shopping.

This video includes footage of the actual construction of the mega mall plus a tour of various shops and attractions. It’s a project of enormous scale that is sure to amaze everyone that has the chance to visit and shop there.

Luxury travel

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Mother’s Day Gifts for that Special Mom in Your Life

Moms hold a special place in all of our hearts. They are often taken for granted and once he year on Mother’s Day, we can truly thank all the moms around the world with a special gift to just say thanks!

We wanted to share with our luxury blog readers some special, yet affordable gift ideas for Mother’s Day. These gifts make perfect presents for just about any kind of mom. Given with love, a great present can really show your mom how much you care and offer a true VIP experience.

Carolinna Espinosa Shoes – priced from only $200
A great Mother’s Day gift is a pair of elegant heels by Carolinna Espinosa. These stylish woman shoes come with memory foam cushioning for an extra comfortable stride. These fashionable shoes are both sleek and sophisticated. These sexy heels will give your mom a confident feeling, plus provide needed comfort and a luxury fashion look.

LXR & Co Luxury Vintage Accessories – priced from only $79
Give your mom’s spring and summer wardrobe a a boost with a bold and lavish accessory. A Hermes scarf from LXR & Co. is a timeless piece of fashion that she will cherish forever. This Hermes scarf can be worn as an everyday accessory or for a special evening out on the town. These scarves from Hermes come in a wide selection of colors and prints.

BLACKSEA Clutch – priced from only $599
This beautiful clutch from BLACKSEA is stylish and makes an immediate fashion statement. This roomy and versatile BLACKSEA clutch will make your mom’s Mother’s Day a special one. The clutch has room for an iPad plus mom’s other small essentials. Adding an ideal blend of pop to her wardrobe, the sleek envelope clutch also will compliment any outfit.

SHAUNS California Spring / Summer 2014 Collection – priced from only $200
Any mom loves a great looking pair of sunglasses. How about a new pair of chic shades from SHAUNS. Sun glasses from SHAUNS are timelessly chic and will give your mom confidence as she struts around outdoors. Also in the spirit of giving back, the SHAUNS “Give Sight” program offers a free vision test and pair of glasses to someone in need in a developing world, for every consumer pair sold. So help someone in need and give you mom a stylish Mother’s Day gift.

Luxor Linens Egyptian Cotton Robes – priced from only $118 + $25 for personalized monogramming (photo above)
A beautiful and comfortable robe is a wonderful thing to own for any woman. For Mother’s Day, give your mom a luxurious Egyptian cotton bathrobe from Luxor Linens. The fashion company offers a variety of high quality products that are soft to the touch. You have the option of adding a monogram to her robe of her initials. What a treat! Moms’ new robe ca be delivered right to her house in a beautiful signature Luxor Linens box that’s gift wrapped.

If you need help buying your mom that perfect Mother’s Day gift, please contact us and we can assist and offer suggestions. Read about other great gift ideas throughout the year by following our luxury log.

Revitalize and Nourish With Natural and Organic Amala Skin Care

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, women need to take care of their skin. It’s no secret that great looking skin not only makes you look better, but also feel better. Shouldn’t you deserve the best?

The line of natural and organic Amala skin care products is designed to revitalize as well as nourish your sensitive skin. Amala skin care products are used at five-star spas all around the world.

With Mother’s Day approaching next month, a wonderful gift for your loving mom would be Amala. With Amala skin care products, it’s like bringing a luxury five star spa experience into your home! Mom gets to feel pampered plus revitalized all throughout the year.

Amala skin care products are made in Germany and well know for their ultra-premium, results-oriented custom formulas. These cutting edge formulas are derived from advanced plant chemistry. All Amala skin care products are of 100% natural origin. They work in conjunction with your own body and the result is clearly visible results and proven skin benefits.

Amala’s Rejuvenate Collection for maturing skin is a treatment system that’s clinically proven. The luxury skin care products help smooth, firm and renew the skin’s elasticity with organic Cocoa Bean. The mighty cocoa bean is known for its special ability to stimulate skin cell renewal, help promote microcirculation, in addition to helping repair your skin’s moisture level.

Here are several Amala products to consider for Mother’s Day:
• Rejuvenate Advanced Firming Complex – amazingly restores your skin’s youthful firmness and elasticity. It clearly minimizes the appearance of skin lines and wrinkles. It also improves both skin texture and tone. Price is $248

• Rejuvenate Treatment Oil – This Amala product is a powerful, concentrated blend of skin nourishing seed oils that are rich in age-fighting antioxidants, Omega 3, in addition to six essential fatty acids. You’ll definitely notice an improvement in skin elasticity, firmness and uneven tone. Get that younger looking skin you are desiring. Price is $186

• Rejuvenating Serum – It’s firming gel serum combined with high potency antioxidants and collagen- boosting botanicals. There is clinical proof that it increases both skin hydration and improve firmness. Also reducing are the depth of lines and wrinkles. The Rejuvenating Serum from Amala also repairs free radical damage, evens out your skin tone, plus and helps to stimulate collagen synthesis, producing firmer and fresh skin with youthful clarity. Price is $182

• Rejuvenate Targeted Wrinkle Treatment – This goes after the appearance of lines and wrinkles with a powerful blend of antioxidant-rich Amazon plant actives. It’s a combination of Vitamin C-infused Acerola, peptide-rich Cocoa Bean plus antioxidant Acai. Price is $116

So treat your mom to the ultimate gift this Mother’s Day with a caring gift of Amala natural and organic skin care.

If you are interested in purchasing Amala skin care products or would like to book a reservation at a leading luxury spa anywhere in the world, please contact The Life of Luxury. Keep up with the latest beauty news by following this luxury blog.

Bentley for Men Azure from Bentley Fragrances

Iconic, luxury British car company Bentley has introduced its new mens fragrance titled, “Bentley for Men Azure.”

This new and powerful mens fragrance is quite expressive and a modern creation that can appeal to a wide variety of men ranging form smart to sporty to style-conscious.

The British Bentley Motors earned immediate success with its first fragrance, “Bentley For Men” and the buzz is that “Bentley for Men Azure” will be just as or even more popular.

The new Bentley fragrance was created by Mathilde Bijaoui, who is one of the world’s top perfume creators. She has been working at the prestigious French fragrance house Mane for ten years now. The luxurious new scent is made entirely from the classic aromas of the fougere perfume.

Bentley for Men Azure makes a definite impact with its contemporary scent of freshness. The top note is an invigorating, stimulating cocktail of fresh citrus, the beautiful herbaceous aroma of violet leaves, as well as delicious fruity pineapple.

Bentley for Men Azure is composed of the perfect mix of luxury woody, fresh and spicy fragrance.

The high quality of Bentley For Men Azure is quite evident. The fragrance offers subtle complexity, harmony of the fragrances plus excellent staying power.

Bentley For Men Azure comes in a stylish blue curved fragrance bottle. The bright Mediterranean blue provides the feeling of both freshness and freedom. This bottle was also used for the original Bentley For Men. The rounded silhouette of the bottle cleverly exhibits the elegant curves of the luxurious Bentley limousine.

Bentley For Men Azure will be available starting next month and sold exclusively in Harrods UK. Starting in April of 2014, you can find the new Bentley fragrance around the world in selected perfumeries and department stores.

Pricing for Bentley For Men Azure is as follows:
Eau de toilette: £43.00 / 60 ml
Eau de toilette: £59.50 / 100 ml

Bath products:
Hair & Body Shampoo £24.00 / 200 ml

If you need help purchasing the new Bentley For Men Azure fragrance from Bentley, please contact The Life of Luxury for assistance.

Amala Skincare Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

You want to give that special woman in your life a Valentine’s Day gift she can appreciate plus also find useful. Amala is highly respected in the beauty and skincare industry.

Consider the natural and organic skincare’s Apothecary Renew Rose Room & Linen Mist for $24 and Rose Concentrate for $20 from Amala.

Amala beauty care products are crafted in Germany and are noted for their ultra-premium, results-oriented custom formulas, rooted in advanced plant chemistry.

A choice for an ideal Valentine’s Day’s gift is the organic Rose concentrate from Amala. The scent can help support tension release, restore a sense of balance and harmony, and comes in a convenient roller-ball applicator to use on-the-go. |

The Rose concentrate features organic Turkish Rose that’s renowned for its calming, centering properties and classic aroma.

We all know a dozen beautiful red roses are as romantic as they come. But a far, longer-lasting choice is Amala’s Rose Room & Linen Mist bottle. This luxury gift idea actually contains 3,000 rose petals.

Just give a few spritzes of the therapeutic and wonderful smelling mist on sheets, pillows, in the car, home or office. Th eresult will definitely produce stress relief.

All products from Amala are made of 100% natural origin. Thus they work in total synergy with the body to deliver visible, proven benefits to skin and senses.

If you need help choosing that perfect Valentine’s Day gift, please contact The Life of Luxury and we can assist you.

Give Your Skin a Glow From King Cobra Venom – Venin Royale

Everybody wants to look younger and combat the signs of aging. What if you could get a more youthful and radiant look from an unlikely source – King Cobra venom.

Dr. Paul Reid is a noted neuroscientist and international peptide biologics expert and has developed Venin Royale, made from King Cobra venom.

Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum is an ultra-premium renewal serum scientifically formulated by Dr. Paul Reid. The formula was enhanced with pure King Cobra venom.

Dr. Reid believed after studying the benefits of King Cobra venom for over twenty years, he was uncovered the secret to renewing the appearance of youthful skin.

Powered by Neuropeptide Renewal Technology™ Enhanced with Pure King Cobra Venom, Venin Royale also includes Red Marine Algae as well as the following Vitamins – A, B6, C, D3 & E.

According to Dr. Reid, the results of many who use Venin Royale are impressive. The skin care serum helps fight the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots in addition to other visible signs of aging skin. At the same time, the skin care serum allows the body to renew and restore skin clarity, tone, and texture to a more youthful and radiant look.

Dr. Reid’s was quoted, “Women who are truly dedicated to rediscovering their youthful radiance should include Concentrated Neuropeptide Renewal Serum in their daily skin care regimen.”

Venin Royale is available in a 50 ml / 1.7 Fl. Oz. bottle. You can purchase or learn more at http://www.veninroyale.com

Five-Star Spa Experiences with Amala Skin Care Products

Trusted by five-star spas around the world, Amala is the beauty industry’s premier plant-powered luxury skincare collection. Amala translates to “most pure” in Sanskrit, and all Amal skin care products are 100% natural origin.

If you are looking for some relaxation and pampering, then consider visiting a five-star spa for an experience of a lifetime. These luxury spas all use Amala natural and organic skin care products

Amala’s five star spa partners around the world invite its guests to warm up, wind down, and keep their skin glowing all winter long. You can also give the gift of wellness with high quality Amala skin care products for that special person in your life who deserves the very best.

· The Dolder Grand, in Zurich, Switzerland, invites guests to escape to a European winter wonderland for a Spa Retreat featuring the best in luxury world-class service. Starting at just $3,843 and available for travel through Dec. 30, 2013, the Spa Retreat at the Dolder Grand includes three nights’ accommodations for two; Garden Breakfast daily; a three- course dinner in the Garden Restaurant (excluding beverages); one after-dinner drink in the Bar; a 60-minute Nature’s Organic Firming Facial featuring Amala; a 90-minute Body Ritual of guest’s choice; a 90-minute Classic Pedicure by Kerstin Florian including nail polish for her; 90-minute Bamboo Shiatsu; and use of the Dolder Grand Spa facilities.

· The Spa at Four Seasons Toronto, is home to the largest luxury day spa in Toronto. The spa is offering guests the ideal opportunity to start the New Year off on the right foot with a spa retreat to its luxurious urban oasis. Guests can embrace 2014 with a package deal including a 60-minute aromatherapy massage with an exclusive hemp seed back scrub; a 60-minute Advanced Firming Facial featuring Amala; and a glass of Champagne. In addition guests will receive a complimentary gift from Amala featuring its Rejuvenating Cleansing Milk and Rejuvenating Face Polish, and access to the Spa’s amenities, including steam rooms, a sunlit indoor relaxation pool, and co-ed whirlpool. The package is just $239 CAD plus tax and is available for use Jan. 1 – March 31, 2014.

· The Spa at Four Seasons Whistler, nestled at the foot of the Blackcomb side of Whistler’s twin giants, marries rustic mountain charm with modern European elegance. Guests and local residents alike are invited to step out of the cold and into the Spa’s cozy sanctuary for a Holly & Spice Warming Massage featuring Amala. Available Dec. 20 – Jan. 3, 2014, this 50-minute relaxing massage incorporates Amala’s organic warming essential oils for a treatment that will leave the skin hydrated and nourished. The massage is priced at $155 CAD, and a Deep Tissue massage is also available for $165 CAD. For more information on the Spa at Four Seasons Whistler’s Holly & Spice Warming Massage or its other Winter Wonderland Specials, contact us.

· The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental New York welcomes hotel guests and busy New Yorkers to escape the holiday hustle and bustle to detoxify the body, replenish the skin, and clear the mind with an 80-minute Warmth & Wellness treatment. This three-part holistic body treatment begins with a sea-salt-and-crushed-olive-stone body polish, followed by a detoxifying clay body mask and chakra energy work. It ends with a full-body massage and application of Amala’s organic Mediterranean Myrtle, fig, and olive body butter. Warmth & Wellness is priced at $305 Monday through Wednesday and at $315 Thursday through Sunday.

Both the Amala and PRIMAVERA brands are part of The Ananda Group, which is Germany’s largest manufacturer of 100% natural essential oils.

There are many high-end, luxury spas around the world that offer Amala skin care products as part of their spa treatments, including The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, New York; The Spa at Four Seasons Toronto; Six Senses Spa at MGM Macau; Dolder Grand Spa at The Dolder Grand, Zurich, Switzerland; Sense Spa at Rosewood Mayakoba, Playa del Carmen, Mexico; plus many more.

If you are ready to book a luxury spa package, then please contact The Life of Luxury to experience a true five-star spa treatment using Amala skin care products.

A Luxury Razor for a Lifetime by Henry Tuke

A razor is often a forgotten luxury but we all know what a bad one can do to our skin. A good quality razor is hard to find, but we wanted to offer one that could be one of the best out there.

Henry Tuke is a British luxury brand in London that specializes only in exceptional men’s gifts and accessories.

The luxury razors from Henry Tuke are ideal for men who feel that “good enough is simply not good enough.”

Each razor is hand sculpted and cast from solid silver or bronze. They can also be customized and made to bespoke sizing requirements.

A man’s face can be challenge for many razors. As a reference, the average man spends about 3,000 hour during his life just shaving. He can have approximately 15,000 to 20,000 course hairs growing out of his face. A razor can take a beating and one with a dull blade can cause skin problems and even bleeding.

So for descerning men around the world who desire more than your average razor, Henry Tuke may be your answer.

The line of Henry Tuke razors come available in various shapes ranging from lions and mermaids to nude ladies and silver birch twigs. The entire razor collection is compatible with either the Gillette Fusion blades or Mach III family of cartridges.

Henry Tuke razors are definitely a huge step above your typical plastic disposables or supermarket quality razors.

Tom Tuke-Hastings is founder of Henry Tuke and was quoted, “I believe we’ve produced a range of products that any man would be proud to use. After all, how many men can say that a naked woman shaves them every morning?”

All Henry Tuke products are made in Great Britain and their new line of razors would make that perfect Christmas gift for your husband, boyfriend, dad or or other family member or friend.

The mission of Henry Tuke to use only the finest materials and a strong desire to create beautiful things without cutting corners.

You can purchase the Henry Tuke razor with pricing starting from £300 for a “twig” razor cast from silver birch made in solid bronze.

We earlier published on article on the Henry Tuke – Champagne Sabre which is the world’s most expensive Champagne sabre – selling for an eye-popping £27,000. Read the Henry Tuke article.

Enjoy a Luxury Spa Treatment This Fall in Las Vegas

Taking care of our own bodies is usually not on top of the list as we all battle the daily challenges of a busy life. Escape to Las Vegas and indulge on a pampering spa experience to revitalize your body, mind and spirit.

According to Julie Shintaku who is the Lead Aesthetician of The Spa at ARIA in Las Vegas, skin exfoliation is the leading trend this fall.

The luxury spas at Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand and Luxor properties in Las Vegas have just announced some incredible spa deals for the fall, including refreshing body scrubs and polishes.

Below are several luxury spa treatment specials this fall, that are being offered at the above Las Vegas resorts:

Cristophe Salon at MGM Grand
Pumpkin Pie Pedi
Revive your tired feet with a relaxing exfoliating pumpkin pedicure. For just $90, dip your toes in a whole milk softening soak, then enjoy a brown sugar pecan scrub followed by a warm organic pumpkin puree moisturizing mask. The grand finale is a silky soft honeysuckle custard lotion that’s to die for and will leave your feet feeling delighted!

POREfection Pumpkin Facial
For that perfect glowing skin this fall, try the POREfection Pumpkin Facial. This incredible skin treatment not only produces fresh, clear skin with an invigorating organic pumpkin mask, but also helps to clear congested pores and promotes oxygenation and circulation. The price for this spa treatment is only $130 and includes a 50-minute facial that will give you with plump renewed skin, and a refined complexion.
(Above spa treatments are offered Sunday through Monday until January 2014)

Spa & Salon Bellagio
Black Lava Java(r) Manicure & Pedicure
Experience an unbelievable manicure and pedicure with tropical ingredients that will leave your skin with a silky soft glow. The Black Lava Java(r) spa package features pure Kona coffee, Hawaiian chocolate and vanilla, black lava salt and coconut. The result is the delivery of real food nutrients from the Hawaiian Islands to your own skin. Mix together decadent tropical butters, luxurious oils, naturally-occurring vitamins and micro-nutrients and result is deeply nourished hands and feet. This special spa treatment package is $190 and will include a complimentary beverage made with 100% Kona coffee, chocolate, Kahlua coffee liqueur topped with whipped cream, chocolate and coconut. Yum!

Autumnal Slumber Massage
Give in and let your body go with this relaxing massage experience. For only $170, you get a 50-minute relaxing treatment that begins with a slow, gliding massage that envelops guests in warm, hot towels, creating a cocoon of lavender scented peace. This unique body massage focuses on your stressful areas and includes the Spa’s Hot Toe Bliss, which is a warm stone massage treat specifically for your feet and calves. Guests will receive a gift upon departure that consists of Chamomile Tea and a Lavender Salt Scrub.

Spa Mandalay and Bathhouse Spa
Pumpkin Spice Scrub
For only $85, this luxurious 25-minute skin scrub treatment features a full-body gentle exfoliation with scent of pumpkin spice. The spice is enriched in Vitamins A & E and carefully designed to stimulate blood circulation and reveal soft healthy skin.

Almond Biscotti Massage
This 50-minute custom pressure massage is a definite treat for your aching body. It utilizes the warm scent of Almond Biscotti and costs just $150. The massage treatment will increase circulation, relax your tired muscles and produce a general sense of relaxation that your body will appreciate.
(Above spa treatments are offered daily from Oct. 1 through Nov. 30)

Nurture – The Spa at Luxor
Autumn Harvest Spa Special
As fall is now here, the scent of the season is definitely pumpkin. The three treatments that make up this ultimate, pampering experience will leave guests feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. Receive a 25-minute body scrub, 25-minute massage and 25-minute facial. During the spa treatment you will breath in the spicy sweet aroma of pumpkin. Individual treatments are prices at only $70 each or indulge and book all three for just $180.

If your body is ready to receive the royal spa treatment, then contact The Life of Luxury to assist you in booking a relaxing Las Vegas spa experience you will never forget. It’s the ultimate pampering you deserve!

Experience a Rejuvenating, Temazcal Steam Bath Service at the N’aay Spa

The Temazcal steam bath is one of the oldest and most effective purification rituals in the world. In ancient Mesoamerican tradition, Temazcal offered the chance to be reborn and reinvent oneself via invocation, chanting as well as purification.

The luxurious El Dorado Casitas Royale and El Dorado Seaside Suites by Karisma in Riviera Maya, Mexico are part of the premier hotel collection of adults-only properties throughout the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

If you want to detox your body, mind and spirit in a traditional, Temazcal steam bath service, then indulge yourself at the N’aay Spa.

The goal of a Temazcal steam bath is to provide a calming and therapeutic experience with numerous physical benefits. A few are cleaning the body of toxins, purification of the respiratory system, and the alleviation of skin and nervous system conditions.

Temazcal Ritual sessions at N’aay Spa occur inside a round earthen structure that is meant to symbolize the womb of mother earth. Inside, you will find the elements of water, fire, and air which are combined together with fresh herbs to create an authentic herbal steam bath experience which invites both physical and spiritual healing.

A N’aay Spa spa attendant will facilitate each Temezcal Ritual session and will adjust the heat, humidity, and herbal vapors as needed, to meet spa customer’s individual needs.

The Temazcal Ritual at N’aay Spa is available as part of two couple’s spa packages:

* Golden Elements Couples Grand Experience: Enjoy a couple’s massage performed with a massage cream infused with citrus and ginger, followed by a Jacuzzi session with an elixir of bamboo ending in a detoxification Temezcal Ritual. Amenities include a fruit basket and a glass of sparkling wine. Session: 80 minutes / $260 per couple.

* Golden N’aay Couples Grand Experience: Revel in the Kukulcan massage, a creation of ancient techniques that shall give your body profound relaxation, accompanied by a bubbling Jacuzzi session using a green tea elixir. Finish the experience with a Temazcal steam bath of eucalyptus essence. Amenities include chocolate fondue with fruits, a glass of sparkling wine and a selection of bites created by our Chef. Session: 120 minutes / $350 per couple.

For groups of five or greater, resort guests can purchase the relaxing session for a starting price of only $68 per person.

The luxury spa offers a variety of services that are designed in the Mexican tradition. Choose from a menu of indigenous and alternative spa therapies, each utilizing ingredients from the local region. The treatments also include ancient healing to soothe the senses and pamper the body.

If you’re ready for a relaxing getaway, consider the gourmet inclusive, El Dorado Casitas Royale and El Dorado Seaside Suites. Be sure to book a relaxing, Temazcal steam bath session at N’aay Spa. Contact The Life of Luxury for all your personal and business travel needs.