Bell & Ross BR-03 92 Military Ceramic

Bell & Ross BR 02-92 Mlitary Ceramic
Courtesy of: Bell & Ross

In the past three years, several Bell & Ross watches have been constructed using ceramic. This is not surprising considering the recent surge in the material’s popularity. Looking at the manufacturer’s past creations shows that ceramic has mostly been used for its aesthetic qualities.

Watches like the BR-S Ceramic are geared more towards the fashion aspect of watchmaking. The material’s important technical advantages took a back seat to its fine finish. The Bell & Ross BR-03 92 Military Ceramic highlights the substance’s structural benefits as much as its ability to create beautiful and desirable timepieces.

For many, ceramic may conjure visions of pottery or traditional arts and crafts, but this category of materials is actually quite general and encompasses some of the most amazing and useful technical substances known to humans. It is difficult to say what type of ceramic is used to manufacture the entire case (minus the screws and crown) of the BR-03 92 Military Ceramic.

It is certain however, that the same type of material has either lined space-crafts, stopped bullets, or tripled the lifetime of traditional steel parts. What makes ceramic so useful in high-impact situations? It is extremely hard. Almost nothing on earth can scratch it. It can even be harder then the anti-scratch sapphire crystals that are fitted onto high-end watches.

It is lighter than steel and, unlike metals, its color exists throughout its structure meaning that no damage will ever reveal a different color underneath. It is an insulator. While this has a plethora of industrial uses, for watch lovers it translates to a watch that is always warm to the touch; even outside on a frigid winter day.

The 42mm square case is the most peculiar part of the BR-03 Military Ceramic. Thanks to the material it is made of it is light, resistant, and offers a distinctive finish in a fantastic hue. The khaki color is inspired by the camouflage often applied to F15E Strike Eagle fighter aircraft and adorned by many military pilots.

A subtle, green tint is applied to the anti-reflective sapphire crystal making the hour markers and hands bellow look light green. This coloring is more evident when looking at the watch from the side, and a bright green hue exudes from the crystal’s edge. The structural screws as well as the screw-down crown are made of black “Carbon Finished” steel. This product of high-end horology truly looks, acts, and feels like the Military instruments that inspired it.

The standard Bell & Ross BR-03 92 dial is fitted on the watch. It offers high legibility during both day and night thanks to bold, photo-luminescent hour markers and hands. The modified ETA 2892-A2 automatic movement is what gives all three-hand BR watches their names. It offers reliability, resiliency, and a power reserve of 42 hours. The Military straps given with the watch are more specialized and are seldom seen elsewhere.

The BR-03 Military that was released in 2007 is the only other model that comes to mind that is shipped with these bands. A khaki fabric strap with black steel buckle is fitted on the Military Ceramic and a secondary rubber strap comes in the box. As with all BR-03s a set of specialized tools is included to allow the owner to change straps at home.

Bell & Ross watches are designed using a specific set of principles. From the beginning, the company has made timepieces fit for professional use. Luckily for them, many of us watch lovers agree with the technical and stylistic repercussions of this philosophy. The BR-01 92 Military Ceramic exemplifies the Bell & Ross philosophy and therefore is bound to please the brand’s fans.

Source: Marco is a specialist of Bell & Ross watches at Matt Baily