Beautiful Hand Carved Table by Hebanon – Fratelli Basile

Hand Carved Table - Hebanon Fratelli Basile
Hebanon – Fratelli Basile

Fratelli Basile is an Italian company that was been in operation as a classic furniture designer since 1830.

Through a collaboration between Fratelli Basile and famous Ascot hats designer Ascot ilda Di Vico, the two companies have developed a beautiful hand carved table.

The hand carved table is available in the Ascot Ilda Di Vico famous boutique. The table depicts three tritons and is hand-carved and gilded with “Gold leaf.”  The elegant table’s mirror is adorned with stunning Swarovski crystals.

All products by Hebanon, the brand of Brothers Basile, are exclusive designs made entirely in Italy using only the finest woods and traditional methods.

The table’s dimensions are: cm 140 diameter x 79H Selling price is approx. €15.000