Alii Nui – An Unforgettable Sunset Sail off Maui

Alii Nui Sunset cruise

There is nothing better than to enjoy a romantic sunset sail off the scenic coast of western Maui. The combination of the setting golden sun, tropical blue waters, and lush landscape of Maui’s western coast … make for a perfect combination.

If you’re looking for the best sunset cruise on Maui, then your only choice is the Alii Nui.

When passengers first board the Alii Nui catamaran, they will notice that this isn’t just your ordinary catamaran. It’s a truly, luxury boat and the very best in all of Maui.

The phrase Alii Nui represents “Highest of Royalty” in the Hawaiian language, and the description couldn’t be any more perfect.

This brand new, luxury catamaran is an impressive sight. It measures 65 feet from stem to stern and 36 feet from port to starboard.

The Alii Nui has a lot of deck space, including multiple trampolines which are similar to hammock-like lounging areas.

The all-weather, covered cabin is extremely roomy with plenty of space to mingle and socialize. It includes 8 tables and comfortable seating – for either intimate chats or large group discussions.

Alii Nui Sunset cruise - sail

Other amenities include two over-sized bathrooms, a fresh water shower, as well as easy access stairs allowing passengers to safely enter the warm, Pacific Ocean waters.

Alii Nui offers three different excursions catering to the variety of customer needs 1) Morning Snorkel 2) Whale Watch and 3) the Sunset Sail.

The Morning Snorkel Sail is a fun and exciting adventure, providing the opportunity to view Maui’s fabulous sea life up close.  The trip includes many luxury amenities such as: premium snorkel gear, wet suit tops, optical masks, boogie boards, large terry beach towels. When finished, use the heated fresh water shower to freshen up. Food is also included – a continental breakfast, snacks, plus a deluxe lunch.

The Whale Watch excursion is a once in a lifetime experience to see these large, graceful mammals up close. During whale season (typically December 15 through April 15), enjoy a cruise on the Alii Nui and view migrating humpback whales with in-depth narration by the boat’s trained crew.

The Sunset Sail is an unforgettable experience. It’s a magical two-hour cruise just off the coast of West Maui. As you leave Maalaea Harbor, you quickly realize that all your worries are forgotten. It’s just you and the open ocean …. in all it’s glory.

Once you set sail, you are in good hands with a top-notch expert crew.  They are experienced, fun and very helpful – always offering assistance to make your journey an excellent and memorable experience.

Alii Nui Sunset cruise - Maui sunset

To quench your thirst and appetite, Alii Nui offers a fabulous selection of drinks and food served on the “Captain’s Table” in the spacious, covered cabin.. Enjoy Mai Tai’s, a selection of white wine, champagne, both imported and domestic beer, soda and juice.

The array of appetizers is mouth watering. Indulge your taste buds with these tasty dishes:
– Roasted Pepper & Garlic Hummus & Pita Bread
– Marinated Sliced Breast of Chicken
– BBQ Pulled Pork with Rolls
– Zesty Pasta Salad
– Caesar Salad Wraps
– Crudite of Island Vegetables and Spinach Dip
– Assortment of Cheese and Crackers
– Tropical Fruit Platter

As the sun sets in the Pacific Ocean, it creates a kaleidoscope sky beaming yellow, orange and purple colors. Grab your cameras and savor the moment.

But before you know it, it’s time to head back to the harbor. The  end of an unforgettable evening and an amazing boating experience.

For more information about all of Alii Nui’s excursions, please visit:
Alii Nui
1- 800-542-3483 – Ext. 1
1-808-875-0333 (Local)