3 Tips to Make Hosting a Holiday Party Not Stress You Out

During the busy holiday season, it’s very important to try and stay festive. Hosting a holiday party can be stressful, but the the key to a great party is being a relaxed host.

The key is planning ahead, getting organized and staying on task. Hosting a holiday party can be a daunting task, but don’t let it ruin your life. You want everyone to have a VIP experience, but that won’t happen by just luck.

Between Thanksgiving and New Years, we all have a lot going on. Shopping, socializing with friends and family, cold winters …. it can be too much for some people. Stay calm, don’t get overwhelmed and take things one day at a time.

If you need some planning and hosting a holiday party, Maureen Petroskyhas offered some helpful tips to get you through it and throw a successful holiday party. It can literally be as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Maureen’s resourceful tips offer some time honored help to get you on the right path. Focus on the end goal and her “Go for Gold”, “Rule of Three” and the “Three P’s” tips will make your next soirée the talk of the town!

Tip #1: Go for Gold
• When decorating for the holidays, create a tabletop that lasts from Thanksgiving through the New Year. Go for a gold tablecloth, and simply switch out fall colored napkins for red, white, green or navy blue—and then add more glittery objects to take it from November to December. For New Year’s, you can just pluck off all the colors and turn the tabletop all silver and gold. It’s easy by just changing out linen napkins and draping different colored ribbons around the center of the table.

Tip #2 – Rule of Three
• From appetizers to drinks to desserts, you don’t have to be a trained chef or mixologist to entertain over the holidays. Keep it simple with 3-ingredient recipes. My go-to 3-ingredient appetizer is a fresh baguette sliced thin and toasted, top with a scoop of quality ricotta cheese, and then drizzle with truffle oil and finish with coarse sea salt and cracked pepper. For an easy cocktail that’s sure to impress, put ice in a tumbler and pour Sandeman Porto on ice and stir well with a bar spoon. Garnish with a slice of orange and sprig of mint.

Tip #3 – The Three P’s:
• This tip is really for entertaining anytime of the year! There are three things you need to make sure to have in your kitchen – port, poundcake and pain (which is French for bread). With these three items on hand, you can put out a festive spread with very little effort. Just pour that holiday port cocktail (or serve it straight up!) and top that sliced baguette with anything and everything—from manchego cheese and spicy honey to leftover cranberry sauce and cream cheese for easy appetizers. The pound cake is delicious on its own, but you can easily dress it up with oranges and dried cherries or even make a quick rosemary-infused whipped cream and top with pomegranate seeds. Voila! You’re ready to entertain in style.

If you need help planning or hosting a holiday party, contact The Life of Luxury. We can help or even recommend an event planner in your area to assist you and make your holiday party a huge success. If you like reading about entertaining tips and food related stories, please read our luxury blog.